Game 40, 2019

Nationals at Dodgers, 7:10 PM PDT, TV: MASN, SPNLA

LHP Patrick Corbin (2-1, 3.71 ERA) makes his first start against the Dodgers as a member of the Nats. As a Diamondback last season he was 1-0 with a 0.77 ERA in 23 1/3 innings against them. His opponent will be LHP Rich Hill, (0-0, 3.60 ERA), who’ll be making just his third start. He was sharp in his first one against the Pirates but went only four innings in the second start against the Padres, giving up three runs on two HRs by Manny Machado.

Here is the latest speculation about free agent Craig Kimbrel. The Dodgers could see a need for him if Kenley Jansen can’t stop giving up HRs.

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1947 Philadelphia manager Ben Chapman, who admits he had been ‘kinda loud’ in leading his team in verbally abusing Jackie Robinson with racial slurs during yesterday’s game, sends word to the Brooklyn clubhouse that he would like to make amends by posing with the Dodger first baseman for the newspaper photographers. The orchestrated gesture, which Robinson agrees to, admitting later that is one of the hardest things he ever had to make himself do, is prompted by the bad press created by the Phillies manager’s intolerance and the wrath of Commissioner Chandler.

Also on this day: In 2015 with runners on second and third, the Pirates turn the first recorded 4-5-4 triple play in baseball history, recording all three outs entirely on the left side of the infield. The oddity occurs when Yadier Molina lines out to second baseman Neil Walker (1), who throws to third baseman Jung Ho Kang to double up Jhonny Peralta (2), who had strayed too far off the third, and then fields the third baseman’s return throw to triple up Jason Heywood at second base (3).

Lineup when available.

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    • From the above story:

      All told, Loney logged 1443 games in the Majors and hit .284/.336/.410 with 108 home runs, 267 doubles, 21 triples, 38 stolen bases, 528 runs scored and another 669 knocked in. Beyond that, Loney was a monster in the postseason, hitting .350/.429/.525 through 91 plate appearances across parts of eight different series (mostly with the Dodgers). Between his first-round bonus and his 11 seasons in the Majors, Loney racked up more than $38MM in career earnings.

  1. I’ve been wondering what possessed the Dodgers to sign Travis D’Arnaud. He was at one time (seven years ago) seen as the next great catching prospect, but never fulfilled his promise with the Mets. Part of it is that he gets hurt so often that he makes AJ Pollock sorta look like Lou Gehrig. It has seemed like everytime he starts having a good run with the bat he would get hurt, and while on the DL he’d forget everything he’d learned. He’s also been a terrible pinch hittet in his career.

    Another problem if that he’s not very good defensively, and doesn’t call a very good game, if the Mets’ pitchers are to be believed. I just don’t get it.

    • His versatility? They don’t expect him to be an everyday player, so his fragility might be less of an issue.

      • But he’s not versatile. He’s played 3 innings at second and 6 innings at third in the majors. That’s it, and it’s because he’s worse there than behind the plate. He does have a higher potential upside offensively (but that potential is fast running down) than Rocky Gale, but Gale is a better receiver, and so far this year, Rocky is outhitting him.

        Edit: Turns out his infield time was in a single game. They flip-flopped him away from the batter’s strength. He had one chance that day, which he made, so his fielding pct. is 1.000.

        • Perhaps I should say potential versatility, as the Dodgers front office have seen things in certain players that other baseball execs have not.

    • Not a panacea, but a low cost, back up catcher bonded to the bench to allow more flexible use of Austin/Martin. They know what they can get out of Rocky versus possible, though remote, upside from Travis. Him practicing other positions in line with overall Dodger approach. Doubt that he ever takes the field in a meaningful inning apart from the 16th of an XTR. Allows them to bide their time a bit waiting for Pollock’s return, but doesn’t preclude them from seeking a better alternative if necessary.

  2. The frustrating thing about Kendrick’s home run is that he had him 0-2.

  3. Muncy has now fanned 42 times in 121 ABs, easily the highest percentage of any of the regulars.

    • Yeah, but he also has the second best walk rate on the team (after Cody), and has an OPS+ of 130. That’s the good and the bad of a three-true-outcome player.

      • Yep, OPS+ ranks third behind Cody and Alex. Well, before last night.

    • Normally, one would calculate based on PA, but yeah he has inherited the team K Krown from CT3.

  4. Dodgers are no 25-15. If they continue at that pace they would go 101-61.

  5. Martinez going with his best relievers, even with this score. Pretty gun shy at this point. Nats the furthest below .500 they have been in 8 years.

    • Yikes is right, Dodgers entered tonight’s game leading the NL in fielding percentage and had made only 14 errors in their first 39 games.

  6. Rox beat Gnats, who now enjoy sole occupancy of the NL West basement. Arenado loses a dinger due to s(no)w visibility.

    • A true fan would also be scoreboard watching for the WC standing. But, then again you are not a fan of the WC!

      • Bill James offered a poll recently to ask whether, if baseball expanded to 32 teams with four divisions, just one team should make it from each. Nearly 70 percent of his voters agreed with that.

        • On the face of it sounds reasonable. But actually better, not sure. As it is a team in the NL has to be better than 7 other teams to make it to playoffs. Under this proposed alignment only have to be better than 3 teams.

          • Actually, do mind. Having only two teams in each league to make post-season would both tank attendance and lead more teams to tank, me thinks.

    • We won the trade, so far, that wasn’t made! Verdugo is not a Fish, though the greedy Jeter actually would have preferred Belli (Jeter has a good eye). Meanwhile Barnesy is giving the team about the same level of performance that the Fillies are getting out of Realmuto.

      • If either had become a Fish, they would have lasted only long enough to get traded or become free agents.