NLDS Game Two, 2017

Cubs at Dodgers., 4:30 PM PT, TV: TBS

Two grizzled lefties have at one another in Game Two: 33-year-old Jon Lester (13-8, 4.33 ERA) for the Cubbies and 37-year-old Rich Hill (12-8, 3.32 ERA) for the Dodgers. Lester is the active leader in postseason innings pitched with 143 1/3. He worked 9 2/3 innings in the NLDS against the Nationals, making one start and giving up only two runs for a 1.86 ERA. He’s 2-3 with a 3.89 ERA in seven career starts against the Dodgers. Hill gave up two runs on three hits in four innings against the D-Backs in Game Two of the NLDS. He’s only faced the Cubs twice in his career, once in 2011 and once last year in Game Three of the NLCS when he went six scoreless innings.

Today in baseball history:

  • 1946 In Game 7 of the World Series, the Cardinals beat the Red Sox, 4-3, when Enos Slaughter streaked home from first on Harry Walker’s single. The play surprises everyone, including cut-off man shortstop Johnny Pesky who hesitates, as legend has it, throwing the ball home.
  • 1970 Brooks Robinson is selected as the World Series Most Valuable Player after batting .429 (9/21) and driving in six runs during the five-game set against Cincinnati. The Orioles’ third baseman becomes the first player to be named the MVP in the Fall Classic, an All-Star game (1966), and for his league (AL-1964).
  • 1988 In his only plate appearance in the Fall Classic, a limping Kirk Gibson, appearing as a pinch-hitter for the Dodgers in the ninth inning of Game 1, sends a two-out, 3-2 back-door slider from the A’s relief ace Dennis Eckersley over the right field fence. It’s the first time a World Series game is ever decided on a come-from-behind home run in the final inning.

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259 thoughts on “NLDS Game Two, 2017

  1. I am still reverberating inside after last night’s grand finale. What a crazy wonderful way to win. No one wanted to leave the stadium, and when we finally filed out, the crowded aisles and exits were filled with “Let’s go Dodgers,” as people passed each other in opposite directions high-fiving. I was next to my son, and we roared and leapt and hugged and kissed, a peak moment to be sure. I love this team this year. What a gift to get to feel such pure exuberance and share it with my loved ones and my dear friends here, who understand. I woke up grateful this morning. Thanks.

  2. Jon points out that Justin was the only Dodger to start game 2 of the NLCS in 2017 and 2016!

  3. Saw a great tweet on JT’s dinger on the night of Gibby’s blast: “In the year of the possible, the probable happens”

  4. Carlos Beltran is considered to be the best playoff hitter in recent times. In 247 PA he has an OPS of 1.049. Justin with 92 is at 1.194. Carlos at 92 was 1.365.

    • Seems lost. Hill got a swing and miss for a third strike on one of his 90 mph fastballs right down the pipe. Hope it lasts as well, but not counting on it.

  5. Just watched Vinny’s call of Gibby’s shot.
    To borrow one of his phrases, how improbable that JT does it on this anniversary!

  6. I had not noticed until I saw the replay, but a fan with a glove caught Turner’s homerun on the fly!

  7. Barnes shuts the door.
    C’mon, Kenley, then need a run!
    (Running out of pitchers.)

    • The whole bullpen, both nights!
      (Unfortunately, the Cubs can say the same tonight. Hopefully that ends now!)

  8. Edwards comes in with playoff ERA of 23.11. Seems more like his regular season 2.98 so far.

        • I believe RBI is there. I remember she would be there on the anniversary of Gibson’s blast.
          That was the day when two of my sibs came to town and the four of us had a photo portrait taken of us to match one from the ’60s — a surprise gift to our parents that year.

          • Very nice. Obviously memorable. My late father, like I a native of Brooklyn, called me greatly excited. I told him, gently I hope, that I was taping the game, and we spoke later to our mutual happiness.

          • Ha. We used to get Monday Night Football on tape at 6:30 pm, so if you didn’t want to know the score you had to hide from radio newscasts.

  9. Did anyone else register for the CHANCE for World Series tickets? I’m sure RBI did.
    Tomorrow’s supposed to be the day they choose.

  10. Simply don’t understand Roberts’ love affair with Granderson. With the exception of the first 10 days after we got him it has been unrequited.

  11. Cubs score first via a HR again. Check
    Cubs starting pitcher gets a hit again. Check
    Dodgers come back and win again…

  12. I figure at some point tonight we either get a tired Lester or a Cubs middle reliever. Or both.

  13. The win last night was great, but with Arrieta and Hendricks coming up in Chicago, this game is vital. (As is every game in the post-season, he says.)

  14. Good contact. Just a matter of time before one – or many – hit green. Or outfield seats!

    • Dodgers have been in the playoffs 4 or 5 consecutive years and there is now an extra playoff series that didn’t exist, two if a team is a wildcard, when Garvey and Russell played. Still, I have some doubts about Puig’s numbers.

    • Here’s hoping all of Puig’s damage is done to the opposition . . . and continues throughout October!

  15. I got to meet Johnny Pesky once at Pawtucket Red Sox game. Wonderful man with great stories. I’m not at all a Red Sox fan, but I treasure the ball he signed for me.

    I was kind of stunned when Roberts pulled Kershaw last night, so I’m guessing that Hill will have an even shorter leash.

    • Kersh was struggling every inning and his pitch count was really high.
      I know this borders on heresy/treason, but I felt better about LA’s chance when Kersh left. I didn’t realize until I got back to my car and heard the postgame show that the bullpen had shut everyone down (as did Kersh once the HR was hit).

  16. The baton is passed back to you, RBI — here’s hoping the spotless playoff record this year continues with EF members, aka Link’s Legions, in attendance!

      • Definitely!
        Reminiscent of this site, I started counting down the outs with the guy sitting next to me.
        I usually work my way closer to the exit the last inning. Thanks to my “neighbor,” I went down from Reserve to Field Plaza and was by the left field pole when K-enley did his work in the 9th.
        Then I sprinted to my car!