Game 143, 2017

Rockies at Dodgers, 1:10 PM PT, TV: SPNLA, TBS (out-of-market only), ATT SportsNet-RM

The Rockies ask RHP Tyler Chatwood (6-12, 4.88 ERA) to complete the sweep, facing the Dodgers’ LHP Rich Hill (9-7, 3.67 ERA). The two teams meet at the end of the season for a final three-game series.

Chatwood has a 10.57 ERA in two starts against the Dodgers this season over 7 2/3 innings. He’s only started two games since July 15 when he injured his right calf in the first inning of a game against the Mets and he’s expected to throw between 60-70 pitches. Hill’s last start was a good one against the D-Backs on Monday when he gave up two runs on two hits over six innings. The bullpen collapsed and the Dodgers eventually lost that game 13-0 while giving up four home runs to J.D. Martinez.

On this day in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1992 Cardinals vice chairman Fred Kuhlman tells reporters that a “security check” had revealed serious issues involving the two out-of-state investors, Vince Piazza and Vincent N. Tirendi, part of the six-man group trying to buy the Giants and move the franchise to Florida. The candid reply to the press will cost baseball more than $6 million to settle a suit that includes a letter of apology from acting Commissioner Bud Selig to Vince Piazza, whose son Mike started his major league career with the Dodgers nine days before his father’s rejection by the MLB owners.
  • 1974 Lou Brock ties and then breaks Maury Wills’s 12 year-old single season stolen base record with his 104th and 105th swipes. The Cardinal left fielder’s thievery against the Phillies doesn’t help when the Redbirds drop the Busch Stadium contest, 8-2.

Lineup when available.

122 thoughts on “Game 143, 2017

  1. Tho they did diddly in the runs department, I liked yesterday’s lineup . . . but ya gotta have Puig in there these days, especially when it’s a question of him or Granderson.

    • I would like to see this lineup for a couple of games or until Taylor gets his groove back?


      And I might be happier with switching Pederson and Taylor.

      Or, put Tatlor at second and Ethier in LF.

      • I don’t care so much the order, just the personnel.
        Tho it WAS great having Puig #8 . . . and they WERE winning.
        Right now, high on Barnes and high on Yasiel.

  2. My Cowboys beat the Giants . . . hopefully my Dodgers can do the same, these next three games!

  3. Things CAN get worse — there won’t be many voices cheering for LA in SF, so the glee in their voices will be painful. Maybe it will be inspiring for the Blue.

    Sorry about all the separate posts — making up for lost game (so to speak) . . . tho Rich acquitted himself well, looks like the usual suspects are to blame — the bats. (Tho minus 8th & 9th inning relievers and the bottom of the 9th MAY have been interesting — we’ll never know.)

  4. I did my part. I was conducting a class and didn’t check in at all until I got to my car and Mo was talking about the wholesale changes in the top of the 9th — but I didn’t get a score or indication of the score (PERHAPS the Dodgers had a HUGE lead and were able to play everyone else?).
    Then he said something about tomorrow being another day.
    Heck, we’ve been hearing that a LOT lately!
    I saw from comments that AZ won again so winning the division is not guaranteed.
    Frankly, I’m not even going to look up the HFA situation because they can’t win at home, either.

  5. Kennedy said, well, they’re still playing over .600 baseball — others have said something similar.
    But they’re not. Their record is that, but right now, they are playing .000 baseball. Just take a couple of days off a record the forfeit?

  6. I’m sure the fans in San Fran will be very sympathetic towards the Dodgers. Probably will cheer if they do well and give a standing ovation if they win.

  7. I knew we were losing because the first thing that popped up on the Dodgers web page was a highlight of Barnes’ double play. Usually a bad sign.

  8. When times are bad, Steiner makes them worse. These are times that demand Vin, but I’d settle for Joe Davis.

  9. Can you imagine the Dodgers not only winning but winning a laugher?
    The last time they won by more than 3 runs was Aug 15 when they beat CWS 6-1.

  10. Two on and one out in the first = no runs. Two on and one out in the second = no runs. The Rockies pitcher isn’t fooling many folks. I think we will break through in a big way today.

  11. Wow, just tuned in to see that we could have been in one of those all too common 0-4 score lines we have managed to get ourselves into lately.

  12. Regardless of how the crew behaves or whether all hatches are properly closed, the captain of the ship is responsible for getting the vessel through rough waters. Roberts is showing an inability to do that. Nine losses in a row, 14 in 15 games call for some strong action, which Roberts has failed to take. Suggestions: Make Barnes the first-string catcher, keep Granderson on the bench, start Forsythe very sparingly, don’t start Hernandez, don’t move Bellinger around the field, start Puig every day, sacrifice bunt when the situation merits it, hit-and-run, and stop continuing to utter basically the same thing loss after loss. Here is an idea: Put the names of the eight starters for a particular game (not the pitcher) into a hat and draw the names out one at a time, and then bat them in that order. Do something to shake things up.

  13. We will win today. I just placed in the recycle bin my Sports Illustrated with the Dodgers on the cover.