Game 135, 2017

Dodgers at Padres, 7:10 PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FSSD

The Dodgers send RHP Yu Darvish (8-10, 3.88 ERA) to the hill in the nightcap to face RHP Jordan Lyles (0-2, 6.94 ERA). Darvish has been fighting his mechanics in his starts with the Dodgers after coming over from the Rangers. Lyles is making his Padres debut after being claimed off waivers from the Rockies.

Lineup when available.

Ethier gets his first start of the year on September 1. I wonder how excited he is.

48 thoughts on “Game 135, 2017

  1. I have not posted here in quite a while. So here goes.

    The streak was something to behold, as a fan, it was incredible. The long time Dodger fan in me always had this nagging feeling we were peaking too soon. I hope this is not the case.

    On the recent losing streak, this too shall pass. We were never going to win 125 games. Better teams than ours haven’t won 125 games…the Big Red Machine, the Orioles with 4 20-game winners, the 27 Yankees….it’s a long season, it just doesn’t happen.

    Yu Darvish? omg…what were they thinking. I take Verlander in a heartbeat. We trying to win now or what? We didn’t need another broken down pitcher trying to find himself, not when we are preparing for a World Series run. This pitching staff is no better than the last two years, depending on Alex Wood. He is the key to whether we even make it to the promised land.

    Finally, teams build momentum, get in a rhythm. We kept pretty much the same lineup through the entire long winning streak. We need to put that lineup out there again and keep it out there. We have 4 weeks to find ourselves or we will lose to the Dbacks in the 5 game series.

    It’s 29 years and counting. I’m a long time fan of these bums. Please…please…don’t live down to my expectations.

    • Thank you for this. I agree with everything and can only hope the D-backs are, in their own way, peaking early as well!

    • I don’t belief enough in Big Mo to favor that approach over Doc’s. As you say, we have four weeks and I think they are best used in preparing the team for the playoffs with Doc resting and testing personnel and match-ups.

    • Kersh had an inning like that.

      Remember when they were talking about how everyone had quality at-bats and never gave up?

  2. Radio just said SP over last 8 games . .. ERA 7.96.
    Add anemic-to-impotent bats and we find ourselves where we are.

  3. Dave, how soon can you leave the country? J/k . . . maybe.

    We know they did well until he returned.
    We also know they did well until AGon returned, sending Belli to the OF and DL.
    We know they did well when Puig was hitting 8th.

  4. Doc seems to be playing to win this game. They’re going to have to play that way . . . just to prove they can.

  5. Not an intimidating lineup, but an improvement over the day game.

    When was Puig moved from the number eight spot? How does that correlates with this losing stretch?

      • Aug. 20 was the Verlander game. I kind of lost track, but after the loss this afternoon, I believe that’s 5-8 since then . . . . which would mean 3-7 since the non-no-hitter, inclusive.

        To me, that’s a slump knocking on a tailspin. Regardless of leads — divisional, HFA, whatever — you don’t want that to continue. You gotta prove to yourself that you can win again . . . with AZ and DC on horizon.

        • I would like to see Doc stop with all the experimentation — tomorrow — and get back to the regular lineup. I am hoping that this will start to return to us to where we were, not that I expect the Dodgers to win 70 to 80 percent of their games.

  6. At the airport now – – I would not have minded Extra Innings since my flight doesn’t leave until just before 7.
    Hopefully the Blue jump to a great lead by the time I land and Yu pitches like when we were introduced to him as a Blue