Game 120, 2017

Dodgers at Tigers, 4:10 PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FS-D

On “University of Michigan” night in Detroit, it’s fitting that the Dodgers send former Michigan baseball standout lefty Rich Hill (8-4, 3.44 ERA) to the mound to face righty Jordan Zimmermann (7-9, 5.62 ERA).

Hill was the NL Pitcher of the Month for July but has yet to get a decision in August. He went six innings in his last start against the Padres while giving up two runs on five hits. He’s pitched at Comerica park seven times while in the AL, but only once as a starter. That was last year for Oakland before the Dodgers acquired him. Zimmermann gave up seven runs on eight hits in 3 1/3 innings in his last start but somehow avoided taking a loss. The Dodgers are familiar with him from his years with the Nationals. He was 2-2 with a 4.40 ERA against them.

The Dodgers activated Adrian Gonzalez and optioned Rob Segedin.

From Dodgers Insider

An entire baseball team could be fielded with the number of different Dodger players who’ve hit a walk-off this year. With Puig’s game-winning two-run double, he became the ninth different player to walk the Dodgers off with a win in their 10 walk-offs this season.

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1959 Long time baseball executive Branch Rickey is named president of the newly formed Continental League. The 77 year-old former Dodger general manager is currently serving as an advisor with the Pittsburgh Pirates.
  • 1982 In the second longest game in franchise history, the Cubs lose to the Dodgers, 2-1. The Wrigley Field contest, which is played over two days, takes a Dusty Baker sacrifice fly and 21 innings to complete.

Lineup when available.

Adrian’s first day off the DL and he’s in the lineup at 1B, Seager gets to sit on the bench and think about hitting, Bellinger roams left field, and Taylor moves to shortstop for the day.

It just struck me how many guys on this team have names that begin with “C.” On days when Kershaw pitches and Utley plays 2B, the Dodgers could have 5/9 or nearly 56% of their lineup made up of them.

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  1. I didn’t get my 20-game lead last night, but I will note that the Rox, at 19 games out, are as close to the cellar-dwelling Gnats as they are to the Dodgers.

  2. Granderson!? Head scratcher. Insurance against continue Joc swoon? Puig platoon, but he hits righties? Dre can’t be happy.

      • Sure, except, of course, Dre himself. Has to be disheartening as he rehabs to know that he really has no place to land.

        • I’ve always liked Dre, and it’s a pity he’s suffered these chronic injuries, but at least he has 17,500,000 reasons to console himself with, plus 2.5 million more when the Dodgers buy out his option.

          • Since we were talking theatre, I also just saw “Evita” again, including that great musical rocking chairs scene, “Art of the Possible,” showing Peron rise to power.

          • A discussion about the Perons amd Argentina would take considerable time. Perhaps we can meet at the World Series!

          • Novelist Tomás Eloy Martínez once wrote that “We Argentines celebrate our greatest figures not on the day of their birth, but on the day of their death. I was in Buenos Aires on Evita’s 50th death anniversary, and met her nice (Evita had no children) at the Museo Evita in our neighborhood.

          • I just reread your post, so I see that it was in Buenos Aires where you met her niece. Read right over that.

          • I’ve corrected the typo on “niece.” I highly recommend Martínez’s “Santa Evita” and “The Perón Novel.”

          • I would love for the Dodgers to be in the Series . . . and I would love to attend one of the games!
            I just worked on schedules for one of my jobs and I’m leaving open all the postseason home games . .. not counting on anything, but being optimistic!

        • I would need my daughter to help me. She bought me a book called ” ‘Is This Thing On?’ A Friendly Guide to Everything Digital for Newbies, Technophobes and the Kicking & Screaming.”

  3. In the last two games, both of them wins, we’ve allowed seven homers and hit one.

  4. 15-3 in interleague play!
    Remember when they couldn’t get close to .500 vs. AL?

    • Tho I would’ve ordered a 1, 2, 3 inning,in its own way, this is good for Kenley, being in the pressure situation on the road.

  5. Wednesday night I was 20 miles outside of Vegas in a gorgeous state park watching outdoor theatre — my second-favorite musical, “Man of La Mancha.”
    As soon as it was over, I checked At Bat and saw the Dodgers trailed by 2 in the 9th. I couldn’t get clear reception on the radio but through the static, I heard the Blue had scored three to
    win . . . once again.

    I really started feeling that this year could be the one of the “Possible Dream.”

    • Outdoor theater is special. Central Park used to stage productions many years ago under the leadership of Joseph Papp. I wonder if it still does. There is (or used to be) a summer Shakespeare Festival at Sand Harbor on Lake Tahoe that I have always wanted to see. I saw “La Mancha” on Broadway some 40 years ago with Richard Kiley in the lead. He was a great actor and a great singer.

      • How cool to see the original cast. I have that album. After the Dodger game, i listened to the Brian Stokes Mitchell version.

        Didn’t Papp start “Shakespeare in the Park,” with free tickets available every noon? This year they did the version of “Julius Caesar” which mirrored contemporary America — I would’ve LOVED to have seen it!

        Every year since ’89 I’ve gone to the Utah Shakespeare Festival, which includes the Bard’s work in a theater modeled after the Old Globe (and I just saw “Hamlet” at San Diego’s Old Globe).

        • I don’t know the history of Papp and the Central Park festival, but that wouldn’t surprise me. I’ve never been to the Utah Shakespeare Festival but have been to the one in Ashland, Ore. That is a great small city and big festival.,,,Tonight, I hope it is All’s Well That Ends Well.

          • Nice . . . agree!
            Ashland is acknowledged as the best in the U.S. . . . Cedar City’s USF has won a Tony for regional theatre.
            Isn’t repertory great, seeing the same actors in different roles?

    • Hill struck out Cabrera and Castellanos on six consecutive pitches. He should be able to go six innings.

  6. I saw my first game in Detroit in May, when we traveled to Ann Arbor for my daughter’s MSW graduation. For a modern park, it’s not bad – the sightlines are good, but the access is terrible because there’s zero public public transportation. Driving and parking are the only options, even though this part of Detroit is not so visibly depressed as much of the rest of the city.