Game 109, 2017

Dodgers at Mets, 1:00 PM PT, TV: SPNLA, SNY

Joe Posnanski writes for

Assuming everyone stays healthy, the Dodgers’ crazy lineup features eight players with double-digit home runs and includes NL MVP Award candidates Corey Seager and Justin Turner, along with a certain NL Rookie of the Year Award winner in Bellinger. Their bullpen is so good that the Dodgers have gone into the sixth inning with 61 leads … and they have won every single one of those games. And the rotation will feature Kershaw, Alex Wood (who is 13-1 with a 2.33 ERA) and now Darvish. It doesn’t quite seem fair.

Dylan Hernandez writes at the LA Times:

What immediately stands out about Yu Darvish is his size.

He’s huge. Like, really, really huge.

The measurements of 6 feet 5 and 220 pounds don’t adequately describe the physical stature of the Dodgers’ recently acquired flamethrower. His shoulders are massive. His chest is expansive.

Andy McCullough has team reactions as the deal was made and confirmed.

As noted, the Dodgers send out the newly-acquired RHP Yu Darvish, who was 6-9 with a 4.01 ERA for the Rangers this season. He’ll face RHP Jacob deGrom, who’s 12-4 with a 3.29 ERA and one of the few bright spots in the Mets’ otherwise-unhappy season in which they’re eight games under .500 and only Jacob deGrom has made all 21 scheduled starts. Steven Matz, who is 2-4 with a 5.50 ERA in 10 starts, is the only other pitcher on the active roster of the seven candidates for the rotation in spring training.

This date in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1908 In Brooklyn, the last-place Cardinals blank the Brooklyn Superbas (Dodgers), 3-0. The entire Washington Park contest is played with just one ball.
  • 1941 Mickey Owens [sic] becomes the first catcher to handle three foul pop ups in one frame. The Brooklyn backstop’s third inning defense contributes to the Dodgers’ 11-6 victory over New York at Ebbets Field.
  • 1942 In a military relief game at the Polo Grounds, which will be the last war-time twilight game played, Pee Wee Reese’s grand slam in the top of the ninth, which puts the Dodgers up 5-1, doesn’t count because of the 9:10 pm government curfew. The game ends up as a 1-1 tie with the Giants.
  • 1948 Ernie Harwell, filling in for Red Barber, who is recovering from a bleeding ulcer, calls his first major league game as the Dodgers beat the Cubs at Ebbets Field, 5-4. To obtain the future Hall of Fame broadcaster, Brooklyn general manager Branch Rickey trades minor league catcher Cliff Dapper to the Atlanta Crackers.

In non-Dodgers history, on this date in 1985 Tom Seaver won his 300th game and Rod Carew got his 3,000th hit.

Lineup when available.

  • Darvish appears to be a class act.

  • scooplew

    Link: Your This date in Dodgers’ history is great. I share it with friends. By the way, the catcher’s name is Mickey Owen, not Mickey Owens.

    • Corrected the tag. I get the data from the site and it’s occasionally inaccurate with names and details.

      I’m glad you enjoy it.

  • foul tip

    You hear about the Dodger lineup being tough on pitchers from 1-8. Here’s OPS from last night’s lineup — as if proof were needed.

    CT .913
    Seags .913
    Justin .979
    Belli .954
    Logan .674 (oh, well)
    Barnes .936
    Kik .780
    Puig .801
    Joc .806 (pinch hitter)

  • foul tip

    Picked up somewhere last couple days.

    Their bullpen is so good that the Dodgers have gone into the sixth inning with 61 leads … and have won every single one.

    • Heh. See quote from Posnanski above.

      • foul tip

        Yeah! Saw you had it already right after posting. Oops. Replaced with the above.

  • WBBsAs

    Pretty good AB there by Taylor…

  • Bob_Hendley

    My goodness, CT!

    • Pushing for MVP. “Hey, Joe P, what am I, chopped liver?”

      • WBBsAs

        He’s no Zach Lee, though…

        • Lee made a huge contribution to the success of the Dodgers this year.

          • Well, by virtue of this deal you could say he did. 😉

            June 19, 2016: Traded by the Los Angeles Dodgers to the Seattle Mariners for Chris Taylor.

          • scooplew

            Ouch, but true.

          • I wasn’t trying to be mean. Lee was good enough to get Taylor and Taylor took it from there.

  • 31 pitches for deGrom in just one inning. That helps.

    • WBBsAs

      Gotta keep it up, but the Mutts’ ‘pen is mediocre at best.

  • Bob_Hendley

    Used his 6’5″.

    • That has to be a catch that defies the natural urge to duck

  • Bob_Hendley

    Nice to get that first inning out of the way.

  • Bob_Hendley


    • Ward might want to hide after a Puig-o-matic

  • Bob_Hendley

    Did Davis say the team had 15 dingers in the last series against the Mets in DS?

    • I don’t remember how many he said.

    • Yep, that’s right.

      • Bob_Hendley

        Averaged 8.5 runs in four game sweep, which followed a 3 game sweep of Reds and preceded a 3 game sweep of Rox.

      • scooplew

        In that 4-game series, Bellinger, Seager and Grandal hit 3 HRs each. Turner hit 2. Taylor, Puig, Hernandez and Pederson hit 1 each. The Mets hit a total of 7.

  • scooplew

    A 2-0 lead and DeGrom has thrown 49 pitches in two innings. Sounds good to me.

    • Third inning is not an easy one either.

      • WBBsAs

        DeGrom’s gotten off cheap so far, but 81 pitches through three is a lot.

        • Easily could break 100 after 4

  • Yu looks like a hitter. McCarthy might want to get some pointers from him.

  • WBBsAs

    Third the easiest inning so far for DeGrom.

    • Followed by an even easier one for Yu.

    • Bob_Hendley

      Four was easy, 10 pitches. 3rd, no runs but 30 odd pitches

  • Seeing what Joc did with his hair again made me google popular haircuts for 2017. He could have done worse.

    • WBBsAs

      Joc’s is pretty bad, though.

    • A lot of those are simply awful and those kids should get offa my lawn.

      • WBBsAs

        Or they should at least rake up the remains.

  • Bob_Hendley

    Pen may spectate this game.

  • Haircuts: Would you believe this was me last week?

    • WBBsAs

      A new feature: “This Day in Haircuts.”

  • This one’s more realistic: November 4, 2015 at Stuart Anderson’s for a birthday dinner.

  • Bob_in_Vegas


  • Bob_in_Vegas

    I knew LA led 2-0, but when I tuned in, they scored on a double play.
    If that doesn’t prove things are going your way . . . !

  • Bob_in_Vegas

    Utley chases the boobirds!!!!

  • Now Utley hits a 2run HR.

  • WBBsAs

    It looks as if the brief offensive slump that started against the Gnats has ended.

  • Bob_in_Vegas

    JT brings in CT with the sac fly, Corey moves over — REALLY like how this team is aggressive on the basepaths!

  • Bob_in_Vegas

    Darvish was wearing blue this year, but now he’s with THE Blue . . . great debut, Yu!

  • WBBsAs

    Pretty impressive outing by Darvish. He probably could have gone deeper, but no need.

  • Bob_in_Vegas

    Who’dve thunk the Dodgers could improve on their previous streak?
    Nice to see the hustle on D as well as running the bases.

  • 42-7. Amazing.

  • Bob_in_Vegas

    A win, a new record . . . and we have bonus time — the rest of the night off!

  • Yu-haw!


    What a great win for the streaking Dodgers!

  • RBI

    Yu-HOO!!!!(to borrow from Link)

  • NPUT @ 0800 HST, 1100PT

  • New York Times game story.

  • WBBsAs