Game 89, 2017

Royals at Dodgers, 4:15 PM PT, TV: Fox

RHP Ian Kennedy (3-6, 4.44 ERA) starts for the Royals and RHP Brandon McCarthy (6-3, 3.25 ERA) goes for the Dodgers.

Kennedy has won three straight games after going 0-6 with a 5.40 ERA in his first 11 starts. He’s been prone to the gopher ball, giving up 16 HRs so far this season. He’s also 5-9 against the Dodgers in his career. McCarthy is coming off the 10-day DL; his last start was June 25 when he lost his control and threw three wild pitches against the Rockies while lasting only three innings. He’d been 4-2 with a 1.57 ERA over six starts before that.

To make room for McCarthy the Dodgers optioned Scott Van Slyke to OKC.

Kershaw is an occasional goof.

This date in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1949 Hank Thompson, who broke in to the majors as a member of the St. Louis Browns twelve days after Larry Doby’s American League debut with the Indians in 1947, becomes the first African-American to play for the Giants. When the former Kansas City Monarchs’ standout faces Dodger right-hander Don Newcombe, it marks the first time a pitcher-batter confrontation takes place between black players in the major leagues.


171 thoughts on “Game 89, 2017

  1. Obviously not a night Klayton was scheduled to start, when he is all business.

  2. We had a pretty good size thunderstorm today. Overcast now and the time the mosquitoes come out, so here I am. Hope everybody is enjoying a beautiful late afternoon.

  3. Hi Bums, this is Bums, I’m sitting here eating a big piece of cake and watching Joc hit a home run. Life is good.

  4. Center field camera makes it look like Utley hits a routine ground ball to short and when they switch to the first base camera we see there is nobody there and the ball easily goes into the outfield. Be nice if there were a box in the bottom of the screen like the one for balls and strikes that shows where the fielders are located.

    • If his legs were closed when he landed on the ground, the ball would have landed on them. He could have trapped it between his knees!

  5. Watching Utley’s face as he rounded first and saw that his ball was caught made me think it doesn’t matter how good it feels to hit a ball solidly if it gets caught. He would have felt better if he hit a broken bat blooper for a hit.

  6. Joe: “The Royals score one thanks to some sloppy pitching from McCarthy and some sloppy catching from Grandal.”

  7. That inning turned out all right. Hopefully the pen can control the late Innings.

  8. I would like to take back or at least reverse some of my earlier comments about the announcers. I just realized that it was Karros doing the interview and not AJ. Also, it’s Karros’ voice that was bugging me and not AJ’s. Not that people can control too much what their voices sound like.

  9. Radio just confirmed what I figured — Dodgers average the longest length of games.

    • He did it before — both at home. Makes sense — at home at this point, there’s no save situation.

  10. Jansen shook off Barnes twice. Sometimes pitchers and catchers are so in sync that the catcher will keep putting down the same sign and the pitcher just wants to get in the head of the hitter.

  11. Seager will be batting in the bottom of the 10th. Still a chance for redemption.

  12. Great job by Stripling there. Of course in an alternative universe Seager makes the play but the hit out to Taylor goes for a double.

  13. Just got home from a bird- and whale-watching excursion to the Farallons, watching Gameday on the phone as my wife drove back. I’m annoyed that Fox does not show the highlight of Bellinger’s dinger.

  14. Corey walks! Nice that he wasn’t impatient to atone for the error.

  15. I credit Chase with making it happen with that first walk, then the SB.

  16. Really nice to see these youngsters not pressing and taking the walk, especially before a national audience (figure additional pressure).

  17. 60 wins before the All Star break seems like it might be pretty good.

  18. I believe Fox said the Dodgers have won 38 in a row when they have had a lead at any point in the game. Wow! (That’s the most ever.)

  19. From Fox post game show: Dodgers have 38 wins in a row when they have a lead at any point in the game. Apparently that is the longest streak ever in MLB.

  20. Re: Bellinger’s walk in the 10th

    “The kid’s got no heartbeat,” Seager said. “Calm, cool and collective under pressure. He didn’t get out of his game and didn’t try to do too much, and took his walk.”

    The KID? Corey, he’s only a year younger than you are, you 23-year-old wunderkind!