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What’s it like to be Latino in MLB today? Prospects, starters and future Hall of Famers share their stories.

From ESPN: Beisbol Experience MLB 50-man interview

“We are not understood. We have to adapt. There are things we are not used to doing in our countries. When you keep doing things wrong, people get tired; I even got tired myself. There should not be so many rules. You just have to do your job and let people have fun, which is what I was doing in 2013. They’ve wanted to change so many things about me that I feel so off. I don’t feel like the player I was in 2013.”


Unused sports venues can represent millions in wasted money, but also in lost moments of joy and sorrow.

Via the Dodgers Dugout email from Houston Mitchell of the LA Times:

Since the All-Star game began in 1933, which Dodgers have pitched the most career innings for the team without ever appearing in the game?

  1. Doug Rau, 1,250 2/3
  2. Ismael Valdez, 1,065
  3. Tom Candiotti, 1,048
  4. Luke Hamlin, 1,011
  5. Joe Hatten, 961 1/3
  6. Pedro Astacio, 886 2/3
  7. Darren Dreifort, 872 2/3
  8. Hugh Casey, 867 2/3
  9. Roger Craig, 814
  10. Tim Belcher, 806

And which Dodgers batters appeared in the most games without ever making the All-Star team?

  1. Eric Karros, 1,601
  2. Wes Parker, 1,288
  3. Steve Yeager, 1,219
  4. Willie Crawford, 989
  5. James Loney, 896
  6. Dave Hansen, 884
  7. Billy Cox, 742
  8. Dave Anderson, 713
  9. Joe Ferguson, 699
  10. Alex Cora, 684

It doesn’t startle me that none of those pitchers ever made the All Star Game, but I am surprised that neither Karros nor Parker ever made it. It may be that first base has been a traditionally star-laden position.

  • RBI

    After Kenley’s tweet, I decided to vote for JT, but keep getting an error message. Grrrr. About to give up.

    • I voted for him a buncha times on the desktop.

      • RBI

        I’ll give it another try. Not working from phone or computer at the moment.

        • “Beep! Beep! System Overload! Beep! Beep!”

          • RBI

            Just texted a slew of votes. I feel better.

          • scooplew

            I voted for Turner about 50 times yesterday and today. I guess there is no limit, unlike with the regular all-star voting.

          • Right. No limits.

    • WBBsAs

      All-Star voting is a farce, and I abstain. I do like Grant’s take, though…

      • RBI

        Ahh, but JT would really love to go. As he said, he’s not getting any younger, and it’s a unique experience he apparently would like to have. Both those things I understand.

      • Bob_Hendley

        Then Turner should be a shoe in, as the first stat to be compared is BA, where he is hitting 100 points better than anyone else on the ballot.

        • RBI

          You would think so!

        • WBBsAs

          Except that he’s about 10 PA’s short of qualifying for the leaderboard – ergo, low visibility.

          • Bob_Hendley

            But that is exactly Grant’s point, low visibility players with gaudy stats are being voted in because voters these days are provided information and not just names.

    • Hard to keep up with Cub fan voting though.

  • Bob_Hendley

    Yeah, 1st base a power position. In Parker’s best season he had only 7 dingers at mid-season. Stretch and Dick Allen were the NL ASG 1st basemen that year. Meanwhile, Karris did have some pop. His best year in 1996 saw McGriff and Bagwell in the ASG ahead of him.

    • Bob_Hendley

      Eric at TBLA says that 1995 and 1999 were years when Karros has his best shots. Crime Dog and Mark Grace were at 1st base for the NL in 95 and McGwire and Sean Casey in 99.

      • WBBsAs

        I think Karros was overshadowed, also, by playing on the same team with Piazza.

      • MIght be interesting to see most games played without winning a gold glove. I always thought Loney should have won a gold glove. He was the Dodgers best defender in 2011 when Kemp,Ethier, and Kershaw won gold gloves.

    • DXMachina

      And earlier in the 60’s Ernie Banks would’ve been there, too, along with Orlando Cepeda and Bill White.

    • Eric Karros, 1B 1995 Silver Slugger Award winner.

  • DXMachina

    What an odd collection of venues, from the famous to the really obscure. I knew the Astrodome was still standing, which is stunning in itself, but I’ve never heard of Hinchcliffe Stadium, and I grew up in northern Jersey. Tiger Stadium would’ve been on that list until recently.

    Have they torn down Turner Field yet?

    • Too soon, I think.

      • WBBsAs

        Preposterous that the Barves moved to the suburbs, but at least they’re recycling the older facility.

        • The rich white folk didn’t want to go downtown to Turner Field and MARTA doesn’t run to Cobb County where the new stadium’s located. By design. Those folks have voted mass transit expansion down several times.

          • WBBsAs

            It’s disgraceful.

          • “It’s the South, Jake.”

          • gerrymander that.

        • “Older.” It was built for the 1996 Olympics. It’s barely 20 years old.

  • And if Chuck Connors had stayed in baseball rather than becoming “The Rifleman…”

    • And if Batman’s dad hadn’t been killed…


    Fess Parker would just grin down at the pitcher!

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  • While waiting for game and fireworks, here are Dodger history awards:

  • WBBsAs
    • RBI

      What a great guy.

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