Game 45, 2017

Marlins at Dodgers, 1:10 PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FS-F, KTLA

The Marlins ask RHP Vance Worley (2-5, 4.43 ERA in AAA New Orleans) to make his 2017 debut against the Dodgers, a team he’s faced in four games (three starts) over his career and posted a 5.63 ERA for his trouble. He first got to the major leagues in 2010 with the Phillies. He spent two more years with them, then one with Minnesota, two with Pittsburgh and one with Baltimore. He’s 33-30 for his career with a 3.75 ERA, and over that time righties have hit him better than lefties, .758 OPS vs. RHB, .747 OPS vs. LHB.

The Dodgers will send RHP Brandon McCarthy (3-1, 4.15 ERA) to the hill to recover his pre-disabled list form when he gave up two runs or fewer in his first four starts. This will be only the second time he’s faced the Marlins; the first time he gave them only three hits in a 1-0 complete game for the D-Backs in 2013.

This day in Dodgers history:

  • 1952 The Dodgers score a major league record fifteen first-inning runs en route to a 19-1 rout over the Reds at Ebbets Field. After retiring the first batter, the next 19 Brooklyn batters reached base (10 hits, 7 walks, and 2 HBP). Captain Pee Wee Reese reaches first base three times in the inning.
  • 2000 Major League Baseball has its first six grand-slam day less than one year after establishing the mark with five, with Garret Anderson (Angels), J.T. Snow (Giants), Brian Hunter (Phillies), Jason Giambi (A’s), and Adrian Beltre and Shawn Green (Dodgers) all contributing to the record. The NL also set a league record, blasting four of the six base-loaded homers.

Julio Urias has been optioned to OKC and Josh Ravin has been brought up.

Lineup when available.

111 thoughts on “Game 45, 2017

    • Nice resurgence at the end with the Devil Rays is responsible for much of that salary. He received about $3.5 million per WAR, which is about half the market rate, over his career.

    • I saw this. Very interesting idea. I believe the Padres have a similar player this year.

      • The Pads sent Bethancourt, who was supposedly a promising catcher, to the minors because he couldn’t throw strikes at all.

          • Before getting sent down, Bethancourt allowed six hits and eight BBs in 3-2/3 innings, for a WHIP of 3.82. throwing barely 50 percent strikes. That’s DFA territory unless, like him, you’re just starting out.

            I dunno what Kenley did in his earliest pitching outings, but I do know he hasn’t walked anybody at all yet this year.

    • Posey acting like an on-field coach. While I like that it seems like the bench coach should have been involved in positioning Belt.

    • Small sample size, but Eibner’s been very productive. I was surprised the Atléticos let him go for Billy Burns, who’s now back with the Royals. At 28, Eibner’s not a kid, but he might have some value.

  1. Seager thought better about swinging at that 3-0. Last time it caused a stir (according to Donnie).

    • Only a 4 run lead but an inning later so who knows what Donnie’s formula might have suggested what was appropriate.

  2. AJ was able to make Joc laugh. I haven’t noticed if he has been talking with other Dodgers when they were at bat. I miss AJ.

  3. Coming in Dodgers leading MLB with 91 doubles in 44 games. Six more so far today.

  4. Ryan Schimpf of the Pads has the strangest stat line ever. He’s hitting only .167 but, among his 21 hits are two doubles and ten homers.

    • Quique, hitting .253 has 21 hits with 12 doubles, a triple and 3 dingers.

  5. For those watching, was Pederson deliberately hit by that pitch? Any warnings issued?

  6. I’d like A.J. to get a base hit, on a ball that hits the runner for the third out.

  7. Out for a family dinner at my parents. Hoping for an interesting result.

  8. Rumors of AGon’s demise may have been a bit premature. Thank goodness.

  9. Just got back from a 30-mile bike ride that took longer than I expected, so I missed the first two innings. Still, pleased with the results so far, and especially that McCarthy’s been so efficient.

  10. I expect that Urias will be back before too long. I think sending Pederson to OKC to work on his swing would be a good idea. Since Opening Day he has no homers and five RBIs and is batting .200. The emergence of Bellinger is another factor, although we are without Toles.

    • Not a bad idea, but really don’t have a CF to replace him on a regular basis.

      • Hernandez can play center. Can Bellinger? I am worried that Pederson will lose his self-confidence (if he hasn’t already).

        • First step may be jettison the idea of giving him regular starts and go back to platooning with Quique. If you stick Bellinger in center you don’t have a lefthanded bat in LF. Nothing likely to happen until Puig is ready to go. He needs to put on his big boy pants and work his way through this.

  11. Brooklyn’s bottom of the first, May 21, 1952:
    Ewell Blackwell facing 1-2-3
    Billy Cox Groundout: 3B-1B (one out)
    Pee Wee Reese Walk
    Duke Snider Home Run; Reese Scores (2-0)
    Jackie Robinson Double (LF-CF)
    Andy Pafko Walk
    George Shuba Single to RF (Line Drive); Pafko to 2B; Robinson Scores (3-0)
    Bud Byerly replaces Ewell Blackwell pitching and batting 9th
    Gil Hodges batting, Pafko Caught Stealing 3B (C-3B); Shuba to 2B (two outs)
    Gil Hodges Walk
    Rube Walker Single to RF (Line Drive); Hodges to 3B; Shuba Scores (4-0)
    Chris Van Cuyk Single to LF (Line Drive); Walker to 2B; Hodges Scores (5-0)
    Billy Cox Single to LF (Line Drive); Van Cuyk to 2B; Walker Scores (6-0)
    Pee Wee Reese Single to LF (Ground Ball); Cox to 2B; Van Cuyk Scores (7-0)
    Herm Wehmeier replaces Bud Byerly pitching and batting 9th
    Duke Snider Walk; Cox to 3B; Reese to 2B
    Jackie Robinson Hit By Pitch; Cox Scores; Reese to 3B; Snider to 2B (8-0)
    Andy Pafko Single to LF (Line Drive); Robinson to 2B; Snider Scores; Reese Scores (10-0)
    Frank Smith replaces Herm Wehmeier pitching and batting 9th
    George Shuba Walk Robinson to 3B; Pafko to 2B
    Gil Hodges Walk; Robinson Scores; Pafko to 3B; Shuba to 2B (11-0)
    Rube Walker Single to RF (Ground Ball); Hodges to 3B; Shuba Scores; Pafko Scores (13-0)
    Chris Van Cuyk Single to CF (Line Drive); Walker to 2B; Hodges Scores (14-0)
    Billy Cox Hit By Pitch; Walker to 3B; Van Cuyk to 2B
    Pee Wee Reese Walk; Walker Scores; Van Cuyk to 3B; Cox to 2B (15-0)
    Duke Snider Strikeout Looking (three outs)
    15 runs, 10 hits, 0 errors, 3 LOB