Game 39, 2017

Dodgers at Giants, 7:15 PM PT, TV: SPNLA, NBCS-BA, MLBN (out-of-market only)

RHP Brandon McCarthy (3-0, 3.10 ERA) takes on RHP Matt Cain (2-1, 4.54 ERA) at AT&T Park this evening. We learn now that the unspecified injury which put McCarthy on the 10-day DL was a dislocated shoulder. He threw a 4-inning 60 pitch simulated game on Wednesday and is “chomping at the bit,” says his manager Dave Roberts. Cain did well in April, posting a 2.30 ERA in five starts, but has struggled so far in May, giving up 12 runs (11 earned) in two starts spanning 8 1/3 innings for an 11.88 ERA.

Today in Dodgers history:

  • 1919 After 12 scoreless innings at Ebbets Field, the Reds score 10 runs in the 13th inning to beat Al Mamaux and the Dodgers, 10-0. Cincinnati starter Hod Eller, who tossed a no-hitter in his previous start, is the beneficiary of the blowout.
  • 1956 Sal Maglie, obtained on waivers by Cleveland last season from the Giants, is shipped to the Dodgers for a hundred dollars after impressing Brooklyn in an exhibition game. The ‘Barber’ will post a 13-5 record along with a 2.89 ERA for the eventual NL Champs, finishing second to teammate Don Newcombe in the balloting for both the Cy Young and MVP awards.

The Dodgers made room for McCarthy by optioning Brett Eibner back to Oklahoma City. Poor guy. He hits the longest HR any Dodger has this year, and that’s the recognition he gets.

Lineup when available.

107 thoughts on “Game 39, 2017

  1. Matt Cain, at this point, is probably wishing he could be traded to whoever is playing the Dodgeers, for the rest of the year.

    • He certainly has us for lunch. We,are probably too familiar with the old Cain, but the new Cain has only been bombed in 2 of his 8 starts, so we are not the only ones.

  2. I got up this morning, get a cup of coffee, watch a little news, and then return to the Dodgers game. Yikes. Glad I didn’t stay up longer. But, the comments in here about the game started my day off in a good mood. RBI was in great form.

  3. Rats. When I switched to news it was 1-1. Checked before serving up and it was 5-1. Turned it on after The News Hour and it was over 8-4.

  4. If Bellinger bats this inning, then this game got a whole lot more interesting.

  5. Take away that ridiculous 4th inning and this is a 1 run game with the tying run on third.

  6. Torn between reality and fantasy. The Dodgers aren’t going to come back and win – unless they 1 in 1000000 miraculously do.

  7. Well, at least the game isn’t tense. Not sure how many more of those I can take.

  8. Time to watch something more upbeat and cheerful – like Black Mirror.

    • See you tomorrow RBI. All shall be well, all manner of things shall be well.

  9. If this score holds, it will be the Dodgers largest defeat since those 2 brutal games against AZ back in April 21-22.

    • Slightly redeemed by the large Dodger banner unveiled in the stands.

  10. I love how ticked we all are here tonight at Elysian Fields.

    Grumpy group talk makes me feel better.

  11. Haha. Dodgers knocked Cain out of the game. Kinda, sorta, not really at all.

  12. Alright, alright I got it. Cain had his best night and only win since the last time he pitched to the Dodgers. grrrr.

    • May have to take a little break here. I had a really long day as it is – not bad, just long.

  13. Crawford may be the most deplorable of the Gnats (on the active roster, since BadGums is No. 1).

    • I agree. I mean, what’s with his hair? Does he ever wash it? (Not in a good mood about this game, can you tell?)

  14. My son the Nat’s fan, said we can have Joe Blanton back for a “game of jacks.”

    • FO dodged the bullet on that resigning and Baez has stepped up. When we signed Kenley, at a lower price I might add, the Nats plan B was to try to find a closer from their existing pen, i. e not taking a risk on Holland. Not working out so far.

      • I might add that living in DC the Nats are a fun team to watch and the stadium is a joy.

        • I could live there if not for the high cost of living and the climate.

          “Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?”

          • The weather yes, but hard to imagine that Honolulu is all that much cheaper.

          • It’s not, I’m sure, but selling the house here and using the entire proceeds to buy in DC wouldn’t be sensible. I’d have little left over for prop. taxes. 😉

          • Might be a vacancy available that will pay you to live there. There is a catch 22 though as there are chores that go along with the House.

        • Saw a Dodgers Nats game there myself. Great stadium and fans. Unfortunately for the Nationals Kershaw was pitching the game I saw.

        • My only game in DC was an exhibition at RFK between Orioles and Cards in 1989. Later that I saw Orioles and Mariners at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore.

  15. Justin gets his rest, well at least not starting. Big change from the past couple of years when his wheels required weekly benching.

  16. Amazed that the Barber came in second in MVP voting after Newcombe. Mays, Snider and Aaron all had big years. Frankie Robinson won NL ROY.

  17. I’m puzzled. By my records this is the 40th game of the year, but MLB’s and ESPN’s standings show it to be the 39th. I’ve been back and looked to see if I jumped a number when posting game threads and I don’t see it. You’re all invited to figure it out.