Game 33, 2017

Pirates at Dodgers, 7:10 PM PT, TV: SPNLA, ROOTPIT

RHP Ivan Nova (3-3, 2.14 ERA) will take the mound for the Pirates versus LHP Julio Urias (0-0, 0.84 ERA). Nova has gone six innings in each of his six starts this year, but his last time out he lost to the Reds when he allowed four runs on a season-high 10 hits. Urias will be making his third start of the year; he’s gone 10 2/3 innings and walked eight while striking out five.

Each pitcher has faced the other team once: Nova gave up one run in 5 1/3 innings to the Dodgers last August 12, while Urias threw 2 2/3 scoreless innings of relief against the Pirates the following night.

This day in Dodgers history:

  • 1947 After leading his team in verbally abusing Jackie Robinson with racial slurs during yesterday’s game at Shibe Park, Philadelphia manager Ben Chapman, who admits he had been ‘kinda loud’, sends word to the Brooklyn clubhouse that he would like to make amends by posing with the Dodger first baseman for the newspaper photographers. The orchestrated gesture, which Robinson agrees to, admitting later that is one of the hardest things he ever had to make himself do, is prompted by the bad press created by the Phillies manager’s intolerance and the wrath of Commissioner Chandler.

Bad news for André Ethier and the Dodgers:


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  1. Lindblom pitched in Korea the last two years before pitching for the Bucs last night, but here’s why he came back to the US:

    Monday’s outing marked Lindlom’s return to Dodger Stadium, the ballpark where his career began; he made his Major League debut for the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium on June 1, 2011. It’s been a long road back to the big leagues for the 29-year-old, who pitched in Korea from 2015-16 before returning to the United States when his daughter was born in October with a rare congenital heart defect.

  2. Stripling has scored the winning run both times he has been a pitch runner.

  3. I see the plan, have the first 2 guys strike out in order to ensure that Stripling is running with the pitch and gets a head start

  4. Well, that was a nice way to end the game. Pitcher pinch-running, backup catcher doubling to the gap, opposing team’s manager brushed off by the umps…


  5. Good inning by Jansen. Now let’s blow up the Death Star and go home.

  6. Shoot. I’m so tired and now of course it goes into extra innings.

  7. Another gift . . . bad manners not to be appreciative!
    C’mon, Blue!

  8. A’s vying for walk off win number 4 in a row. Down by 4 in the 9th but have 2 on and no one out.

  9. Nice thing about 2 out doubles: Next batter not ordered to sacrifice the runner over.

  10. Snakes have lost to Tigres, so Dodger cannot lose any ground to them. Rox split with Cubs, so Dodgers will gain or lose half a game.

      • He got close, but not that close. Had he climbed up, maybe, but still a long shot.

        • Chase’s ball was closer to going out than Puig was to catching that one. Even closer was Toles catching Cutch’s ball.

  11. I had such high hopes for Romo. At the beginning of the season that is. Not tonight.

  12. I wonder if Toles would have gone after that ball in the same way if it hadn’t been an active no hitter.

  13. Wow – that DP really shortened what was a very long inning considering there were only 3 batters. 20+ pitches for 3 batters.

  14. Game is rolling along nicely. Nice to see a reasonable pitch count for Urias through 4. 😉

  15. Seager used AGon’s walk up music. Tribute to him and Mexican Day at DS.

    • Over the last several years, I see the Dodgers more than ever because of MLBTV – except when there’s a Gnatblackout.

      • Just read the article. I don’t know whether to feel melancholy or enlightened by his general view of how he is following (or increasing not following) a team he has loved since childhood.

  16. Doc says that Forsythe won’t be activated until after upcoming series with Rox and giants.

      • As well, AGon said to be on “slow” program, so critical roster decisions may be put off for awhile.

  17. Bad news on Dre was last week. 60 day just a formality. So in that sense not more bad news.

    • I’ve always liked Dre, but I think his career is drawing to a close. He gets a small buyout for next year, and maybe an NRI from some AL team needing a DH.