Game 32, 2017

Pirates at Dodgers, 7:10 PM PT, TV: SPNLA, ROOTPIT

It’ll be righty Trevor Williams (1-1, 5.40 ERA) for the Bucs against Brandon McCarthy (3-0, 3.10 ERA) or Alex Wood (2-0, 3.28 ERA). Williams has been in the bullpen and hasn’t started since Spring Training, so he may be on an 80-pitch limit. Yesterday would have been McCarthy’s day to start. That had been pushed back a day due to a mysterious weight-room injury to his non-throwing shoulder but the rainout denied him that. Wood’s last game was April 26, when he made his third start.

Is Cody Bellinger the latest version of Eric Karros, who got a chance in 1992 and made the most of it?

Today in Dodgers history:

  • 1941 An Army-Navy Relief game between New York’s two National League teams raises over $60,000. Dolph Camilli’s homer is the difference in the Ebbets Field exhibition as the Dodgers edge the Giants, 7-6.

Lineup when available.

Wood’s doing the pitching and NL Player of the Week Cody Bellinger is playing 1B.

91 thoughts on “Game 32, 2017

  1. Great game, although I feel badly for old friend Lindblom, who spent the last two years pitching in Korea.

  2. DP’s: Good for the Dodgers. Not good for getting to 18 K’s however.

  3. Getting close to wondering what the Dodger team record for most pitching K’s for a nine inning game. 16 through 7 is a reasonable pace.

    • Dave Roberts not counting them out yet but it would be a long climb to get back to contending for the playoffs.

      • We play them 11 more times. Doc wouldn’t want to give them any incentive no matter what he might actually think.

  4. Wow! We are in the fifth inning and have already reached Hatcher territory.

  5. Wood is pitching marvellously but not likely to go more than 6 innings.

  6. That’s old friend Josh Lindblom on the mound. He has bounced around: five MLB teams in six seasons plus this one. First time back in the majors since 2014. He was a second round pick of the Dodgers in 2008.

  7. Realizing how young this lineup is tonight. Average age is 25.667. Old man is Turner at 32. The rest are 28 and (mostly a lot) younger.

  8. Is that three Grand Slams this season already by Pederson, Bellinger and Taylor? Or am I missing one?

    • A few of us did. Better than the alternative – being around early and Dodgers giving up a bunch of runs!

    • Speaking of the Gnats, they extend their streak in NYC with a bottom-of-the-ninth loss.

  9. The Player of the Week Awards began in 2008. They are awarded separately in each league.
    Here are the Dodgers who have won (or sharedI it):
    Kershaw — 7 times
    Kemp — 5
    Ethier — 3
    Puig — 2
    Beckett — 1 (also 1 with Red Sox)
    Bellinger — 1
    Furcal — 1
    Gonzalez — 1 (also 3 with Red Sox and 3 with Padres)
    Greinke — 1 (also 2 with Royals)
    A Dodger has won the award at least once every year except in 2016.

    • Player of the Week has been around a lot longer than that. Was there a new wrinkle introduced in 2008?

      • I don’t know. I went to the Wikipedia reference. I will look further.

          • Bob Hendley: You are right that it has been around a lot longer than since 2008. I found the site that takes it back to its apparent beginning in 1974. Perhaps I will compile a list of the Dodgers on another occasion. Don’t know if it was changed in 2008.

  10. The reason Williams is starting for the Pirates is that the guy whose turn it would ordinarily be underwent surgery for testicular cancer today. Jameson Taillon may be out for a while.

    Rockies’ pitcher Chad Bettis had to begin chemo after his surgery for the same cancer last November didn’t get it all. He went through his second round two weeks ago.

  11. Mac to DL, Libby up. This new 10-day DL is a boon to how the FO constructed the roster and operates.

  12. There is an interesting feature on the site. The site puts up a dozen pictures, black-and-white or color, of players past and present, six in each row. You only learn their identity when you put your cursor over each. It’s fun to see how many you can ID. The photos seems to change at least daily. Two in the top row now are easily identifiable as is one in the bottom. The site is one in which it is easy for a fan to get happily lost

    • It’s tough. A guy that I would have otherwise immediately recognized if he were wearing a Nat’s cap stumped me.

  13. Cody named NL player of the week. Karros was also in his rookie season, 1992, but not until August. He also received this award twice in 1995 and again in 1998.

    • I think Bellinger has a much higher ceiling than Karros. However, I fondly recall Karros tomahawking a pitch over his head into the pavilion at Dodger Stadium – comparable to what Bellinger did for his slam at The Litter Box.