Game 30, 2017

Dodgers at Padres, 7:10 PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FSSD

RHP Kenta Maeda (2-2, 6.58 ERA) goes for the Dodgers. He lost to the Padres on April 4, but he’s since found a cut fastball and its use led to a very good outing against the Phillies last week: seven innings, five hits, two runs and a win. He’ll face RHP Jhoulys Chacin (3-3, 5.82 ERA), who hasn’t allowed a run in 14 2/3 innings at home this year.

The Dodgers are expected to activate Joc Pederson from the 10-day DL, which means someone has to be sent down to OKC to make room. Might be Bellinger, might be one of the relief pitchers. We’ll probably know by early afternoon.

On this day in Dodgers history:

  • 1955 In his first major league start, Dodger rookie starter Tommy Lasorda ties a record, throwing three wild pitches in the first inning of the team’s 4-3 victory over St. Louis at Ebbets Field.
  • 1962 Bo Belinsky throws the first no-hitter in Angels history and the first one ever tossed at Dodger Stadium, beating the Orioles, 2-0. The 25 year-old southpaw is only the tenth rookie to throw a no-hitter.
  • 2009 The Dodgers tie the major league record of 12 consecutive wins at home to start the season with their 3-1 victory over Arizona. L.A.’s 12-0 start at home equals the mark set by the Tigers in 1911.

Kershaw, McCarthy and Bill Shaikin try their hands at financial analysis of the Dodgers’ methods of acquiring starting pitching.

Lineup when available.

Note Bellinger is at 1B. Here’s why:

98 thoughts on “Game 30, 2017

    • Actually, they earlier said it was because McCarthy tweaked his left (non-throwing) shoulder in weight training.

  1. They mentioned 100% chance for rain in SD Sunday. Vegas will be getting that storm as well — we’re expected to drop about 30 degrees from tomorrow — close to 100, to Sunday — 69.

  2. G’night all. It was an enjoyable evening following the game and chatting with all of you.

  3. After starting 1-for-10, Bellinger is 12-for-28 with four homers and seven RBIs.

  4. All wins are satisfying, but tonight’s seemed a bit more special.

  5. Sounds like Dodger Stadium South — of course, the SD fans left to catch the trolley.

  6. Bats started slowly but definitely a group effort, clicking together.

  7. I don’t want to be ungrateful, but it sure would be nicer/easier if they could put these runs up earlier rather than later.
    Still . . . not throwing them back!

  8. Gameday acting weird. Just said Toles had doubled. Before the first pitch to him.

  9. He made that a little harder than he needed to, as Davis said. He could have just backed up to the wall and not had to jump. Nonetheless, nice way to end an inning, Yasiel.

  10. Roberts clearly doesn’t want to use Jansen for more than one inning tonight.

  11. Stay with Baez until (and if) Padres threaten, and then bring in Jansen?

    • Getting hard to imagine him being sent down. (All eyes on Chase).

      • Taylor should play most every day, against righties and lefties, until Forsythe returns, and then his status should be reassessed.

          • It would be hard, but Utley is hitting .100. He has to have seen the writing on the wall.

          • Don’t disagree, but I think they would retire him before benching him.

  12. Feeling a bit sour now, but do you feel that Grandal is the long-term solution behind the plate? I don’t. I don’t think that Barnes is either. Do we have anyone in the high minors who is on the horizon?

    • Wilson almost broke camp with the Dodgers, but he is an older backup type. Farmer at Tulsa and Smith at Cucamonga are a few years off.

      • Smith is rated as the Dodgers 14th prospect and Farmer 22 over at TBLA.

    • That said, Grandal is a good catcher, but a streaky hitter. Hard to find another that is capable of 30 dingers that he gave us last year.

      • I will make a gentleman’s wager that he doesn’t reach 20 homers this season. And that he doesn’t hit above .230.

        • Even 20 homers is not to be sniffed at from the catcher’s position. If he was not so high in the line up, his failures would be less noticeable.

          • Good point. I’d feel better if he batted no higher than sixth. But I cringe when he is the clean-up hitter.

          • That’s the sound of me cringing. Grandal now has 24Ks in 83 ABs this season.

          • Last year he had 22 in his first 83. But something tells me you didn’t like him last year either.

          • To be honest, I have never been a big Grandal fan, but I would be happy to be convinced otherwise.

        • Last year Grandal had 3 home runs 30 games into the season, the same as this year.

  13. Kenta is fooling everyone. Grandal, the ump, the batters and himself. Six straight Ks!

  14. We expect perfection from umps, but we can all have off nights. Pitchers not helping.

    • As someone who is in his 16th year of umpiring youth baseball, I appreciate your sentiment. The umpire is virtually never told that he made the correct call. That is what is expected, most of all by the umpire. So, if a borderline pitch is called a strike, particularly at a crucial moment, the coach of the team that felt it was a ball may grouse out loud. If the same pitch is called a ball, the other coach may voice dismay. It comes with the territory. And the pressure that I am under is so much less than MLB umpires face it barely registers. I enjoy it, get paid $40 to $60 per game and will make about $2,500 this year.

        • I don’t like the concept (and not solely because I enjoy umpiring). I think it would remove a very human element of the game. No two batters are exactly alike in the batter’s box. For starters, players range from about 5-foot-4 to about 6-foot-10. How about check swings? Stepping out of the batter’s box while hitting the ball? Asking for time just before the pitcher goes into his windup (and throws the ball)? Would the electronic calling factor in the crouch of each batter? What if he adjusted his stance during the at bat? The calculus is extensive. And never again would we see a Leo Durocher try to kick dirt on a Jocko Conlan and accidentally kick his shin guards (April 1961):

 (see section just beneath Conlan’s photo.

          Bumsrap: What is your opinion?

          • Not to mention the play at home (and brushing off the plate afterwards).

          • Or walking to the mound and telling the manager that the conference with the pitcher needs to wrap up. Of handing the catcher’s mask back to the catcher after he tries to catch a foul pop. Or thanking the ball boy for the balls. Or telling the manager to knock it off. Or checking to see if the runner ran out of the baseline. Or waving good-bye to Vin Scully at his last game. Or . . . Perhaps baseball would position someone at home plate who would be asked to do everything BUT call balls and strikes. Not a job that I would want. And I doubt if any MLB umpire would want it either.

          • I keep the umpire behind the plate but use electronics for balls and strikes. Half swings would be called by the first and third base umpires regardless. Both hitter and catcher should be able to request first or third base umpire call.

            I have to assume there would be two or three settings for the strike zone that could be maybe remotely controlled by home plate umpire with a push of a button to adjust for height of strike zone.
            I din’t know a hitter could change his strike zone by changing his stance. That would mean on a 3 – 0 count a hitter could sit on his heels before the pitch.

  15. has stopped showing the little box with balls and strikes, at least on my feed. Can’t blame them.

  16. Utley is respected, admired, a great presence in the clubhouose, a hard-nosed and old-fashioned ballplayer, but he can’t hit anymore. Make him a coach and open up a roster spot, which will be needed when Forsythe is ready to return.

  17. Cain allowed nine runs (all earned) on 10 hits and walked six in 3.1 innings tonight. His ERA rose from 2.30 to 4.70.

  18. Now, stupid Pads fans won’t be able to boo AGon this weekend. (he was traded by management, you twits).