Game 27, 2017

Giants at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, NBCS-BA, MLBN (out-of-market only)

Look, a right-handed opponent! Yes, the Giants are sending out Johnny Cueto (3-1, 5.10 ERA) to do battle with the Dodgers and lefty Clayton Kershaw (4-1, 2.29 ERA). Here’s a useless stat for you: over his career Cueto is 23-13 in May with a 2.80 ERA. Here’s perhaps a more useful one: he’s allowed six home runs in five starts this season, including three in the last two. He gave up only 15 for the entire 2016 season.

Kershaw, on the other hand, seems to have come out of the gate in mid-season form. He’s looking for his fourth straight win, and his lifetime record against the Giants suggests he might just get it if his team can hit. He’s beaten them 19 times and he’s got a 1.60 ERA in 37 games versus them.

Turner extended his hitting streak to 16, the longest one in MLB in the new season.

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43 thoughts on “Game 27, 2017

  1. The only thing worse than a Kershaw loss to the Gnats is getting Steinered in the process.

  2. Ryu:

    “He took an aggressive slide into second base and the glute kind of tightened up on him,” Roberts said. “So get him in the training room, keep his arm in shape and hopefully he’ll make that turn when he’s eligible to come off the DL.”

    And now you know…the rest of the story.

  3. Plagued by something rare . . . and something familiar: bad outing by Kersh . . . and 2/10 with RISP

  4. No homers so far, but a lot of homerun swings and fly balls. Steiner must be going crazy.

  5. C’m,on, bats — add to the SF bullpen disaster record and your own mojo!

  6. Damn, I go to pick up my wife at BART, and I come back and the Busted Poseur’s gone deep.

  7. Sounds like Kersh had a the worst start of the SPs in these last five games.
    Has he given up the most runs over the years in the 1st inning?

  8. Good to see our number 8 batter (Utley) has a higher average than there number 8.

  9. I haven’t paid close attention to the W-L records of the teams yet, but this is startling. From Grant Brisbee’s blog post linked by WBBsAs in the last post: “Just to get to 90 wins, the Giants have to go 81-55 for the rest of the season…”

    That would be difficult.

  10. Not much of a fastball, but Ryu is second among Dodgers starters in K/9 at 9.8 versus Klayton at 9.9.