Game 8, 2017

Dodgers at Cubs, 5:10PM PT, TV: ESPN (No SPNLA today)

It’ll be lefty Alex Wood (0-0, 0.00 ERA) making the start for the Dodgers, replacing Rich Hill (on the 10-day DL with a blister). Wood has made one appearance this year, against the Padres April 5. He threw two scoreless innings in relief of Hill in the Dodgers’ 3-1 win that day.

He’ll face lefty Jon Lester (0-0, 1.80 ERA), who went five-plus innings on Opening Day against the Cardinals in a game the Cubs eventually lost 4-3. Lester’s only 33, but it feels like he’s been around forever. He’s 2-2 with a 3.06 ERA in five career regular-season starts against the Dodgers.

The Cubs get their World Series rings and the Championship banner today, and that’s nice, but Dave Roberts is less than enthusiastic:

“Is it inspiring to see? No,” he said. “I think it’s great for the Cubs and great for their fans, and it’s been a long time coming. But for our guys to be on the line for 45 minutes to watch the rings when it’s 40 degrees, I don’t know how inspiring that will be.”

Lineup when available.

Joc starting against this left-hander.

55 thoughts on “Game 8, 2017

    • Thanks for sharing it
      It’s a shame from the team that broke the color barrier.

  1. Although it is only the eighth game of the season, this game has the feel of so many post-season games in the last few years. We keep it tight, but we are unable to get over the hump to win.

    • There you have it, just as I expected (he says in a grumpy and disappointed tone).

  2. This is a good, close game. Except for possibly Fields, seeing the best of the Dodgers pen.

  3. Stripling did a great job coming in from the pen to get Bryant with the bases loaded last inning.

  4. Weird moment of the night: Brett Anderson being introduced for the Cubs as they celebrated last year’s WS championship tonight.

  5. Some very tough breaks – including a mistake of his own – for Woods. Pitched really well all things considered (long delay, coming out of the pen, facing the Cubs, etc).

  6. Somebody who saw that WS banner go up tell me what the title of the music is that was playing in the background. Movie theme, I think.

  7. Turned on ESPN and found Cardinals – Nats. Began to swear at the blackout rules until the trailer showed up telling me Cubs – Dodgers is in a rain delay.

  8. Listening to the Giants’ game and had a thought. Between innings there was an ad for NorCal Toyota dealers, and I wondered how many of their customers come in and say “What with housing prices, I’m looking for a car I can live in.”

    • Oakland now has higher rents than SF, and demand is booming. If we had to buy our house now, we couldn’t.

        • Yes. SF is essentially full up, so here the market’s gone wild. You must have heard the story of the “Ghost Ship” fire, which is one indicator of shortages and craziness.

          We also have incredible amounts of new construction, though there’s still room for more – plenty of open space remains in what used to be industrial West Oakland, though some of it will require substantial cleanup.

  9. Taijuan Walker beans Busted Poseur with 94-MPH gas. Poseur conscious, but leaves game.

  10. Wonder if Dodgers will run wild on the bases vs Lester, who won’t throw over at all due to his version of the yips. For some reason they didn’t while facing him in the playoffs last year, despite faking breaks a lot and a time or two being halfway to the next base but then returning, IIRC.

    Lester’s yips aren’t exactly a secret, so why don’t teams literally run him off the mound? How do the Cubs handle this?

    • They didn’t run all that much against him in the AL. In 2015, his first year in the NL they ran wild with 44 SB in 55 attempts, so 80%. Last year it was down to 68% (28 of 41). As I recall, anything below 75% is not considered worthwhile for the running team (on average, of course).

  11. I hadn’t that a former Nat (gnot a Gnat) is now pitching in New York: The Yankee Clippard!