Game 4, 2017

Padres at Dodgers, 1:10PM PT, TV: SNPLA, FSSD

The Padres are hoping Jared Weaver has something left in his right arm after losing velocity for the last couple of years while pitching for the Angels. He was consistently in the 80s on his fastball during spring training, which is no improvement over last year. Weaver had a 2.66 ERA against the Dodgers in 11 starts over his 11-year career with the Angels.

The Dodgers have a reclamation project of their own going for them tomorrow in Brandon McCarthy, who signed a four-year contract with the Dodgers in 2014 but has pitched just 63 innings while battling elbow and hip injuries. He’s 7-1 over his career against the Padres.

Lineup when available, or somebody post it in comments if I haven’t gotten to it by game time.

30 thoughts on “Game 4, 2017

  1. It was pretty risky putting Hatcher in win only an eight run lead!. Whew! Glad we won!

    • It’s Dee Gordon trade game: Hernandez, Barnes and Hatcher all playing today.
      It’s like the FO wants to win that deal or something. 😉

  2. Their reliever/catcher has a little pop. Thankfully, a little bit too little.

  3. Joc with a chance to steal (some of) Puig’s thunder. But lines it just foul with the bases loaded.

  4. No eyes right now on this one. Mac seems to have good results. How is he looking?

  5. In case anyone wonders, to get to the Gameday screen you have to click the box with the team names at the top of the Game Preview page I link to. MLB changed the structure of its links.