26 thoughts on “NCAA Tournament 2017

  1. See that you two have done well, despite early round whining. Me? Not so good.

    • I’m number 1808141!

      Seriously, getting two out of four Final Four participants right almost makes up for Arizona getting beaten by Xavier. Almost.

    • Big Eastwise Xavier and Butler in the Sweet Sixteen, but with major challenges in Arizona and UNC, if the latter can get by the Razorbacks.

  2. Ha! So far we are not so bad as a group ranking just outside the top 50 in the ESPN tournament.

  3. Ha! Saying “Go Wildcats!” is a mouthful. Knowing you it is Arizona, but other wildcats included Villanova, Kentucky, Northwestern and Kansas State.

      • No one whines like Boeheim! But turmoil in Georgetown after two losing seasons in a row. Many want JTIII’s head despite pretty good decade of coaching before that.

        • I was worried when the Big East split from the football schools, but I gotta say that I don’t miss Syracuse or Boeheim at all.

          I do miss UConn, though.

          • Yeah, that’s the talk around here, although both sides vociferously deny it. The football people at UConn are certainly against it.

          • Yeah. Let’s see who’s coming. Current crop of students haven’t tasted much since 2013 (though we got bounced by a double digit seed that year!). Fans were pretty vociferous. Me thinks because they felt that unless they had a strong voice things wouldn’t change given the weight of his father in the program. Then, after the season a couple more players defected and the wonderkid HS point guard who had signed up decided to ask out of his commitment. Basically, the administration had little option at that point, as next season didn’t provide much promise for a turnaround.