How will they handle Urias’s innings?

Here’s the current thinking:

“I think it’s something we continue to talk through and ultimately for us, it’s what’s best for Julio and what’s best for us,” Roberts said. “I think that there is a certain innings limit that he’s going to have this year and we all understand that and we all accept that. We want him to be ready to go in September and beyond.”

In other news, Scott Kazmir will likely be the starter on Wednesday against the Giants at Scottsdale Stadium. Hyun-Jin Ryu will pitch on a back field.

In case you missed Cody Bellinger’s home run the other day, here’s a link to the video.

49 thoughts on “How will they handle Urias’s innings?

  1. Last year we got 42 starts (260 innings) out of our best three pitchers, Klayton, Hill and Urias. Potentially, we could get 520 innings out of them in 2017 (220, 150 and 150) and double the number of starts.

  2. Our new 2nd baseman leading off, who we got trading JDL, went 3-3 last night against the Rangers. Leading off for the Rangers was Delino Jr.

    • Whenever I see the initials JDL, I think he should be playing for Team Israel in the WBC.

  3. Lots of Dodgers and ex-Dodgers making their presence felt in the Méjico-Italia game tonight.

  4. Article on the Dodgers and the DR. Strong connection that McCourt let fall to the wayside. Dodgers are the only team to ever have spring training there, in 1948. This was to avoid Jackie from having to endure Florida in those days. My later to be mother-in-law hobnobbed with Leo and the players and my future father-in-law was a Dodgers fan. Lasorda used to manage a local team in winter ball and my sister-in-law would hang out with his son.

    • This century’s greatest player! Three MVPs, 3 second place finishes, along with one third, one fourth and one fifth.

  5. Hi all. SO ready for baseball to begin. I need the distraction from Google News. I put on the ST game today briefly, and saw Puig hit a bomb out of the park, followed by a classic Puig bat flip that practically went into orbit, after escaping the earth’s gravitational pull. It was fun to see.

  6. Dropping in……. Sayin’ Hello.
    Hope all’s well with you guys…. Spring…. Dodgers….. Ya’ll know what I mean. 🙂

    • Nicely done review of some players under the radar, but given injuries and what not…

  7. Dodgers light up Gnatt Cain who, we can hope, still makes the Gnats’ rotation.

  8. Dodgers clubbed the Rox this afternoon, with HRs from Ethier, Dickson and Ramos. Julito went one inning and got the win, despite an ERA of 9.

    • Ha! They certainly score differently in ST. Just looking at the boxscore. Sierra, the Cuban with a six year $30 million contract and not even on the 40-man, appears to have been somewhat effective in his two innings. (though he was probably pitching to the dregs).

  9. Nat’s, with Wieiters and Blanton, getting some relatively cheap vets late in the signing season. Nice for their depth.

    • I wish we had resigned Blanton. Asking Romo to be the set-up man may be asking too much, or perhaps the Dodgers have other plans for that spot.

      • Was thinking the same. The contract with the Nats was the same as he got last year from the Dodgers. Perhaps with Romo already on board, they felt that they needed a slot in the pen to stick in McCarthy, who could be just as effective as Blanton, if not needed in the rotation because of performance or injury.