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  1. Good read about old-time and underappreciated Dodger 3B Billy Cox.

    “Walter O’Malley, then president of the Dodgers, said, “We regard Cox as
    the greatest glove man Brooklyn ever had.” That was not just the
    greatest third baseman but the greatest, “glove man.”

    “During a spring training game one year Stengel in his gruff voice shouted out to Baltimore third baseman Brooks Robinson: “You’re the second greatest third baseman of all time!”


  2. Interesting speculation here from DoDi on what the Dodgers might look like if Ned still were GM. Posted whole segment here even tho a bit long.

    “Ned Colletti was out as the Dodgers’ general manager on Oct. 14, 2014. According to Baseball-Reference, his last transaction as Dodger GM was trading cash considerations for Justin Germano. Who knows how much of what happened afterward would have gone down if Colletti were still in charge.

    First of all, I’m pretty convinced Yasmani Grandal would not be a Dodger. I’m not necessarily saying Matt Kemp would still be in Dodger Blue (though, it’s highly likely since Ned signed him to that contract), but I don’t think there’s any way Ned pulls the trigger on that deal. Oh, and Dee Gordon is also still a Dodger. That probably means no Howie Kendrick trade or Chase Utley trade come August of 2015.

    Adam Liberatore might not have been acquired from the Rays, but Joel Peralta would absolutely have been acquired from the Rays. Brandon McCarthy may or may not be a Dodger (see Jason Schmidt), while Jimmy Rollins would have certainly been the team’s starting shortstop in 2015. And Brian Wilson would have been allowed to struggle through half of 2015 because the Dodgers were paying him $9.5 million anyway. I doubt Brett Anderson would have been signed, and certainly not for $10 million.

    Zack Greinke would be back, right? Well, I’m not even sure Ned would have given Greinke that contract — at least, Stan Kasten wouldn’t have allowed it. Remember, Colletti was excluded from the Clayton Kershaw contract extension talks, as chronicled in The Best Team Money Can Buy, while Kasten was the driving force behind that deal.

    There is no Alex Wood trade. There is no Frankie Montas/Trayce Thompson trade. Cole Hamels might be a Dodger, but Colletti also did a good job of not dealing big-name prospects during his tenure. If Hamels or even David Price are on board, one of Joc Pederson, Corey Seager or Julio Urias are Phillies or Rays right now (most likely Joc). Scott Kazmir might still be signed, but it depends if Greinke (or another big-name starter) is in the fold.

    Just know that the fringes of this organization wouldn’t be as strong if Colletti were still in charge (unless Kasten basically took the reins). Maybe the Dodgers would actually get to the World Series anyway because this is all made up, but their future wouldn’t be as bright with Colletti around (hate to see the payroll situation in this hypothetical), especially as it is now with Andrew Friedman, Farhan Zaidi and Co. running the show.

    The ships would absolutely be burned, though.”


      • Sure, will be great to see Berlinger, Verdugo Calhoun, etc, and the young arms, but around here, with much of the roster set, except 2nd, guessing like last year we will be chomping at the bit to get underway.