503 thoughts on “NLDS Game 5, 2016

    • I don’t think that’s a good move — only two days rest from last night, which was with only one day rest from a regular+ game(110 pitches)?!!!

        • I don’t know what that regimen normally entails, but it’s usually not a game situation — if it’s the same # of throws (including warmups), same intensity, and from the mound, that makes me feel a little better.
          This is best of 7, not 5. If he DOES pitch Sunday, that would mean 3 starts and a relief appearance in 10 days . . . AFTER being out with the back problem for more than 2 months.
          My bottom line is I would trade an extra start for Kersh in this series if there’s any question at all about it affecting his health . . . I want to be rooting for him for many more years to come.

        • I wrote a response and THOUGHT it posted, but it’s MIA.
          Bottom line: I don’t want to trade an extra start in this series for future health . . . I’m looking forward to enjoying Kersh for many, many years.
          I’m sure (hope) the Front Office feels the same way.

    • Enjoy the break.
      This will allow a possible record-breaking number of posts on this one.

  1. I am anxious to see who gets added to the roster for the NLCS and who does not go on. I am pretty sure we will add a pitcher.

  2. Reading up on last night’s game is highly enjoyable, and ALOT less stressful. Mama very happy.

    • I’m giving myself a full day without stress (that’s the plan, anyway).
      I truly hope that I hang on to what an accomplishment this is, regardless of what happens in the next week. For the team . . . and for Kershaw, what a night!

  3. Dusty about the loss — https://larrybrownsports.com/baseball/dusty-baker-dodgers-game-5-loss/328088

    Totally agree with Brown’s comment — other than risking the long-term help, needed to literally throw everyone to advance to the next level, then worry about that when it comes.

    Besides, what about starting the 4 rookie pitchers in a row — and didn’t they all get the Ws? This has been a year of improvisation. And what are the two rules of improv? “Yes. And — ”
    Yes, the Dodgers advance . . .. AND we can’t wait to see what happens next.

      • Suppose, but got the feeling that they were just enthralled to see him. He is obviously the top pitcher on paper, but very impressive in the flesh. It was like an Elvis sighting.

  4. Hey, good morning. When I called it a night, we were up 4-1, so glad to see we hung on for the W. Chicago is going to be a tough opponent, especially with our discombobulated
    pitching situation.

    • One of my neighbors has one of those crazy W flags that he puts out when the Cubs win. I am hoping that, at the max, he only can fly it three more times. hopefully less.

  5. The last time Kershaw got a save was as an 18 year old in rookie league in 2006. His catcher was Kenley Jansen.

  6. Can barely make myself out this time, but on Joc’s dinger I am right above the 10:36 sign.

  7. I realized that the only thing that could’ve made this sweeter for Kersh would have been having AJ catching him in the 9th.
    Then I read a quick recap of the 7th inning . . . impressed that Ruiz came up with another key PH.
    Who’s to say what would’ve happened without Ruiz, but the FO has provided the players in this “complete team” (believe those are Kersh’s words).

  8. Corey seems to be a lock on Rookie of the Year.
    Dave should definitely be Manager of the Year.
    I know it doesn’t work within the same season, but Comeback Player of the Year should be Kershaw!

  9. 1st game of NLCS — Oct. 15 . . . 28 years after the 1st game of the last WS (and championship) for LA . . . hmm, maybe I should lay a bet

  10. I will sleep well tonight, at least it is only 4pm here, so I have several hours to calm down

  11. Who’dve thunk when Kersh went out that
    a) the Dodgers would be playing in the DS, and
    b) the clincher was saved by that very same bad-back ace?

  12. Remember the end of Vin’s perfect game call for Sandy? Something about appropriate that “K” means strikeout and so does the -oufax.

    Same with K-ershaw

  13. Found the magic strategy; instead of trying to save a game for Kershaw, have Kershaw save the game for someone else.

  14. Back in my day in Hawaii, we didn’t get the baseball games until two weeks after they were played (Game of the Week)

    • I got scores only in the paper the next day and we only ever had the world series on TV

  15. Soo many runs “given away” — runners on by BB or HBP . . . hope there aren’t anymore from the Dodgers!

  16. Didn’t mind the crowd chanting “Let’s go Harper”. But put me in mind of Stephen Harper.

    • I’m with you again. (So to speak. πŸ™‚ Is your husband a full-fledged fan now?)

  17. Wasn’t sure about Kersh coming in, but less sure about KJ staying . . . he’s proven me wrong with the 1st out — make me a fool, Kenley!

  18. Maybe by the time the WS rolls around KJ will start the game and Kershaw will pitch innings 3-9.

    • I got caught up a little with the 14 texts my brother sent me . . . I’m glad I wasn’t there for that offensive frustration.

  19. I was working and out of touch for 2 hours.
    LA was losing 1-0, then I was pleasantly surprised to see the 4-run outburst, then the bottom of the 7th. Maybe I should leave the game.

  20. I’ve always thought Rendon looked like the happier, nicer version of Angel Pagan.

  21. TRUE! –nervous –very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that I am mad?

  22. True or false: historically, beating Washington in the NLDS leads to a World Series Championship?

  23. Dodger dugout – they are killing each other down there – out of pure excitement.

  24. Hmm not sure I would pull Toles for Howie. I get the batting matchup. It’s the fielding loss that I worry about.

  25. Joc ran a bit harder out of the box this time. Although he did toss his bat away as if he hit it out.

    • Good speed and hustle to cut off the ball before it got to the fence and then made a strong accurate throw.

  26. Wonder how long Dave goes with Urias. I’m not complaining or suggesting anything – just legit curious.

  27. Got out of it well. Hopefully Urias can go 3 plus and the Dodgers can score about 12 runs…

  28. Hill out. I was wondering why they would walk a lefty batter even Murphy to get to a righty bat and now we know why.

    • Hit it hard and ran fast but couldn’t stop it from being a DP. Hit it too hard I guess.

    • Sounding — from radio and you guys — that several of these have been well hit, so hopefully they’ll start going the Blue’s way.

  29. Out the door. Gotta go early as no Metro after the game. Need to drive and find a place to park! At around 11:30 (local time) if the game is going on you will see a mass exodus as fans scurry to make the last train.

      • Games usually start at 7, so normally no problem. In the past they have made exceptions with the team paying, but they are implementing a maintenance program and won’t make an exception for anything.

        • My brother was thinking of going. He said a newspaper headline sums it up: “Sure, take me out to the ballgame. But then how do I get home?”

          As i told him, William Goldman said it best in his book & script for “The Princess Bride” — Inconceivable!

    • Many years ago, I drove to a game at Fenway and found a parking place right across the street.

    • On the night the lights went out, we ended up taking a bus back to Silver Springs, because the non game went so late.

  30. Starting Lineups

    Dodgers Nationals
    2B Utley (L) CF Turner
    SS Seager (L) RF Harper (L)
    3B Turner LF Werth
    1B Gonzalez (L) 2B Murphy (L)
    RF Reddick (L) 3B Rendon
    CF Pederson (L) 1B Zimmerman
    C Grandal (S) SS Espinosa (S)
    LF Toles (L) C Lobaton (S)
    P Hill (L) P Scherzer

    • I didn’t see the game and I was one of those fans cheering when Dave let him stay. But the point is well made — Kersh’s reputation needs to be weighed with the current evidence . . . and the bullpen reputation needs to be taken into account as well. (Of course, the bullpen’s subsequent execution doesn’t help that case, but we didn’t plan on it happening.)