Game 160, 2016

Dodgers at Giants, 7:15PM PT, TV: SPNLA, KTLA, CS-BA, MLB.TV free game

When the schedulers at MLB HQ in New York set this weekend’s games up they were surely hoping that the two long-time rivals would be neck-and-neck in the NL West division, and even up to two or three weeks ago that seemed like a wish that might come true. But the Giants’ bullpen continued its season-long collapse and it hasn’t been able to hold a lead to save its life. Somehow it has managed to blow 32 save opportunities this season. Thirty-two! Not all the blame rests with the pen, though; the Giants have been shut out 13 times this season, and nine of those games have been after the All-Star break.

Somehow, despite that, the Giants have a magic number of three to clinch a Wild Card spot. If they end up tied with the Cardinals those two teams would have to play a preliminary game just to determine who gets to play the other Wild Card winner in the one-game playoff, the winner of which gets the Cubs. The Mets are in this too, so it’s complicated.

Tonight it will be the Dodgers’ Rich Hill (12-5, 2.05 ERA) against the Giants’ Madison Bumgarner (14-9, 2.71 ERA). Bumgarner was last seen by the Dodgers as he yelled at Yasiel Puig in the vicinity of first base on September 19 at Dodger Stadium. At the time he had a 1-0 lead through seven innings; he was pulled from the game at that point and the bullpen (there it is again) gave up three singles to tie the game and a game-winning double by Adrian González to win it for the Dodgers.

Hill hasn’t started a game since September 20, presumably in hopes his blistering fingers will fully heal. He’s expected to start Game Two of the NLDS and he needs to stay sharp. He may have a short leash this evening.

Lineup when available.

Adrian’s sinus infection must be ongoing.

105 thoughts on “Game 160, 2016

  1. Dodgers went 17-10 in September, our best winning percentage for any month. And we were 16-7 when it mattered.

  2. Back to the question I asked after they clinched — I sure hope the Dodgers have NOT been trying to get the #2 seed because they’re 1-3 in that stretch.

    • Would think that their number one priority was to set the rotation and roster and give some guys a rest before the playoffs, which I agree with.

  3. Well night everyone. October begins tomorrow and let’s hope for a good start to an amazing month!

  4. Of all the accolades I can imagine giving Vin – perhaps the biggest is this: still watching this game through to the end because of him.

  5. The work of several players in the last few days is making it easier for Roberts and the FO to determine who WON’T make the post-season roster.

  6. Uh, but the auditions for the fourth starter in the playoffs are, well, not exactly going too well, you think?

      • Yes, but there seems to be doubt as to how many innings they will allow him to go. My simple solution to the search for the fourth starting pitcher in the playoffs, at least in the first round vs. Washington: Win the first three games behind Kershaw, Hill and Maeda.

    • Anyway, I blame Utley. He came in this inning and he is just standing there at second base not helping out.

      And of course as I type that non serious statement – he catches the third out!

    • Vin just confirmed my suspicions. The most runs they had given up before this was 5 (done numerious times).

    • Not many of our starting pitchers have been going more than 5 or 6 for quite a while. And we won’t have 37 pitchers in the bullpen during the playoffs.

  7. Can you imagine a play with Bumgarner trying to field the ball and coming close to Puig running down the line?

  8. Nearly 40 minutes to play the 1st — you would think Baez had been out there! (At least slo-mo Pedro.)

    • So technically, the Dodger/Giant game should be available? Unless they figure Vegas is in the Bay Area market?

  9. So Seager still has an outside chance at 200 hits. Sitting at 193 with his first inning single.

    • I want the Gnats gnever to make the post-season, but I want their record to be good enough that their first-round draft pick remains unprotected.

  10. I like the scenario Link mentioned: Cards and Giants tie in regular season and have to play to see who continues to play . . . with the record those teams have in the playoffs, I wouldn’t want to face them, no matter how the Dodgers have done vs. them this year. (and, frankly — especially since I’m not looking past the Nats — i don’t want either of them to win the Series.)

  11. I’ll repeat something I mentioned on the other thread: All this weekend, in addition to the privilege of playing the Dodgers, SF is hosting, with many of performances streamed live. Arguably the greatest outdoor musical festival ever, in Golden Gate Park, and it’s free. We usually go there in person, but this weekend we may not be able to make it.

  12. It will be interesting to see if Joc gets back to back starts against lefties tonight because is he does and does okay that could mean the Dodgers could be leaning to keep Kike’ off the first round of the playoffs.

    According to Fangraphs for the month of September of all MLB players with 50 or more plate appearances, Joc ranks #2 in OPS and is tied for 6th in WAR. What a difference a year makes. Joc was clutch down the stretch and reinvented the #8 spot in the lineup.

    Matt Kemp was #9 and Adrian Beltre was #11 Trout was #24, Loney #111, Kris Bryant #169 in OPS.

    OPS: Pederson #2, Reddick was #22, Pug #31, Turner #57, Grandal #101, Seager #109, Utley #154, Gonzales #203, Kendrick #239

    WAR: Pederson #6, Turner #21, Seager #36, Reddick #38, Puig #91, Grandal #110, Utley #123.
    All other Dodger hitters below zero WAR