Game 158, 2016

Dodgers at Padres, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FSSD

Yo, Rook! Pitch tonight, you will!

The Dodgers send young Jose De Leon (2-0, 5.52 ERA) to the hill to face fellow rookie Luis Perdomo (8-10, 5.59 ERA). De Leon’s first two starts were good, but his last was forgettable: he gave up six runs over 3 2/3 innings to the D-Backs on Sept. 18. Perdomo has been a very pleasant surprise for the Padres in the second half of the season: he’s had a 3.79 ERA from August on, although his W-L record is an unhappy 3-6 over those two months.

Puig has feasted on Perdomo to the tune of a .714 BA (5-for-7) with a triple, four runs and three RBIs.

Lineup when available.

26 thoughts on “Game 158, 2016

  1. At least the Nats lost too. Still an outside chance at HFA.

    And really it was Dodgers 5, Pads 2 – and Renfroe 4.

  2. Hi all. 1, DeLeon not impressing tonight. 2. Why isn’t Puig in the lineup? 3. What’s with this kid Renfroe????? That is all I have for now. Time to exercise.

  3. So, I went back and found some of our preseason predictions. I found 5 of them – and at this exact moment any of the 5 could be correct. In fact, our 5 guesses define the limits of what record is possible for the Dodgers – between 90 to 95 wins.

    John_from_Aus • 6 months ago
    My win – loss prediction for the year 90-72. Where that gets us is anyone’s guess.

    WBBsAs • 6 months ago
    Being a pessimist, I’ll say 95-67.

    Bumsrap • 6 months ago
    I like 90.

    Bob_Hendley • 6 months ago
    91-71 has a nice ring to it and splits the difference.

    WinnipegDave • 6 months ago
    92-70 feels about right. 42 in the first half and 50 in the second.
    Or something like that.