Game 152, 2016

Giants at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: ESPN, SPNLA, CS-BA

The Dodgers ask Kenta Maeda (15-9, 3.24 ERA) to make a start on four days rest for the second time in a row. He’s only done that three times all season and is 1-2 when he does. Maeda hasn’t allowed more than three runs in a game since his first start after the All Star break. He’ll face the Giants’ Matt Moore (11-11, 4.06 ERA), who’s 4-1 with a 3.45 ERA in his last five starts for the team. He started off 0-3 after his acquisition from Tampa Bay at the trade deadline and held the Dodgers hitless for 8 2/3 innings until Corey Seager singled in the ninth August 25.


168 thoughts on “Game 152, 2016

  1. In summary:
    Giants have an unstable jerk in their rotation.
    Giant outfielder arms remind me of Juan Pierre.
    Puig looks at (judges) fly balls better than Pence.
    Giants don’t have much of a bullpen.
    Giants are not the sluggers they once were.

  2. Dodgers magic number at 5. If they split with Colorado it goes down to 3. Win one vs SD, it’s down to 2. Then they only need to win 1 vs SF, the division is won.

    And that’s without factoring in any other Giant losses.

    • The President has spoken . . . and that’s not even pie-in-the-sky, which makes it even better!

    • You make it seem hard. The giants could win out and all the Dodgers would have to do is win half of the rest of their games.

      • And I thought I was trying to show how easy it was and how little remained to be done for the Dodgers. 🙂

        • Worked for me — and the Dodgers have a habit of turning me into Eeyore, when I consider myself optimistic in the other phases of my life!

  3. So, Anderson tomorrow and Kazmir Friday? I’m going Friday, for Vin’s ceremony. Tears will be shed.

  4. Anyone else find it weird that Wood is slotted into the pen while Anderson and Kazmir get to start? I like Wood (as a starter) as much as the other two.

  5. Just back from the Padres game. AZ beat them 3-2 . . . all scoring on HRs, two by Goldschmidt, to give Zack the win (I was rooting for SD).

    Everything changed at 7:10, when I went to MLB Audio to listen to Vin (they started at 6:10 here). With that mess of a top of the 1st, I wasn’t happy — but that turned around with the bottom of the 1st . . . and then on.

    What a difference a day makes! Puig is definitely making his case to be in Dodger Blue “now and forever,” as the old poster for “Cats” said. (As pointed out here before, it’s definitely boosting his trade value if his attitude hasn’t changed.)

    Hopefully the night continues to be encouraging . .. the only bitterness (EDITED: sadness) being one game closer to Vin’s finale.

  6. Another inning for Urias? The are really pushing on the limits of a typical yearly inning increase.

  7. If the Dodgers maintain or increase the lead, they might go this whole series without using Jansen.

  8. Plate ump trying to hurry the players along with claps of encouragement. He might also want to expand the strike zone while he is at it.

  9. Wondering why they kept Howie in at 2nd at this point. Guessing that Doc wants to get him some work there.

  10. I just the replay of Kendrick’s double, and it seems Pence took up where he left off last night.

  11. Seager has a slight chance of getting to 200 hits. Needs to average about 1.5 hits per game the rest of the way.

  12. Always fun to see the names on the backs of SF outfielders. Especially when chasing after fly balls.

  13. That was sooo fun. I had just finished telling my son that the Dodgers had only scored on one inning so far this series.

    Imagine if they only score in 2 innings over 3 games – but win 2 of them?

    • Phenomenal throw, but Span must have been blind not be going on contact. AGon coulda scored on that.

    • Pitcher or catcher might have crossed each other up. Ruiz didn’t look like he was looking for a curve ball.

  14. Ruiz is not impressing so far tonight. Passed ball leads to the first run, error leads to another man on second.

  15. Dodgers starting lineup tonight vs. Moore is 12-for-63 (.190). Kendrick is 6-for-18 (.333). Without him the rest of the lineup is 6-for-45 (.133). Pederson, not starting, has the only HR of any current Dodger against Moore.

  16. Huge Canadian crowd at Blue Jays-Mariners game in Seattle today. Just went wild when Bautista tied game in top of ninth.