Game 143, 2016

Dodgers at Yankees, 4:05PM PT, TV: SPNLA, YES

RHP Jose De Leon (1-0, 4.50 ERA) makes his second big league start for the Dodgers, and RHP Brian Mitchell (1-0, 0.00 ERA) goes for the Yankees. De Leon is rated the #2 prospect in the Dodgers’ organization, while Mitchell is highly regarded by the Yankees. De Leon went six innings against the Padres on September 4, giving up four runs, three earned. Mitchell spent five months recovering from a left big toe which needed surgery for a broken bone, so his first start of the year was September 7 against the Blue Jays. He went five scoreless innings in that game.

Turner or Ethier may DH for the Dodgers in this game.

Here’s a good story by Bill Plunkett of the Orange County Register talking to Joc Pederson about his improvement in hitting and reduction in strikeouts this season.

Lineup when available.

Kendrick at 1B? Hmm.

182 thoughts on “Game 143, 2016

  1. Padres’ pitcher was barfing between innings, though it was the first scoreless start of his career. The Gnats make me sick, too, but not that badly.

    • St. Louis is like SF, especially the latter in the an even-numbered year — you don’t wanna mess with them in the playoffs.

  2. not worried about calling this already for the Dodgers: “Coming off a sweep in Arizona, the Giants open a homestand behind Jeff Samardzija needing a win to keep pace in the NL West.”

  3. At the risk of jinxing for real, it’s nice to know SF players know they must win to keep pace.
    Hope the Padres rise to the occasion of spoilers.

  4. TV crew is talking about the rotation. I wonder if (healthy) Kershaw, (no blister) Hill is better than Kershaw, Greinke? Or if Kershaw, Hill, Maeda is on par with Kershaw, Grienke, Ryu?

  5. I hope Puig’s attitude has improved as much as his hitting has. that would be a great story of redemption (after threat).

    • It was said that his attitude was an element in his failure to adjust and improve when he was with the club.

      • Makes sense. It would be great to have a team player with his potential live up to that potential.

  6. Mo just said Pedro apparently misunderstood the concept of “slow the game down” (mentally). He was literally slowing it — and everyone else — down.

  7. Okay, so the bats have gone MIA again . . . in NYC.
    Hopefully what they’ve already done will hold up.

      • Good for them for telling and good for him for listening, if that’s the case.
        It can’t be good for the defense to be standing around waiting.

  8. I followed Link’s advice and tweeted Jon Weisman: “What’re the chances of Vin’s call of the entire final game of the season being carried on the radio?”

    He replied: “Can’t answer that …”

    I asked if he doesn’t know or can’t answer . . . I’ll let you know if he responds.

  9. Judge gets back one of the runs he gave up.
    Hope he fully redeems himself in the next series.

  10. Through the first 4 innings the Dodgers have scored a different number of runs each inning. It would be remarkable if that continued.

  11. 1,2,3 inning for JDL. Be great to see him go two more innings but he is at 68 pitches so he might not get there.

  12. Now that the no-no and shutout are history, hopefully Dave Roberts’ toughest decision will be who to rest while waiting for a Dodger laugher to be official.

  13. Lots of pitches for both pitchers in the second inning. But it’s nice that the Dodgers have the 3 run lead.

  14. Nice to see the MIA bats were found.
    Also nice to hear soo many Dodger fans in Yankee Stadium.

    • Every time I read or hear about European baseball, I think of a trip I took 10 years ago with university students to Serbia. During our time there, one of my students and I got to spend a day with the Serbian National Baseball team. My student, who played baseball all through high school, clearly was one of the best players on the field.

      Also – do these results tie into the WBC at all?

      • I have no idea. I do note that the Croatians, who appear to have crowded out the Serbians, are not doing very well.