Game 139, 2016

Diamondbacks at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FS-A

The Dodgers send RHP Brock Stewart (0-2, 7.94 ERA) to the hill to pitch against LHP Robbie Ray (7-12, 4.46 ERA). These two guys’ last starts couldn’t have been more different. Stewart threw five scoreless inning against the Cubs, while Ray had four uneventful innings against the Rockies before they scored six runs against him in the fifth. Ray is a strikeout pitcher, averaging 11 Ks per nine innings. Most of Stewart’s ERA is the result of a performance against the Rockies in Denver when he gave up 9 earned runs in four innings.

This is the final game of the homestand for the Dodgers. They play Miami on Friday when Kershaw makes his first start in two months. They move on from Miami to New York and Yankee Stadium and then to Arizona before returning to Dodger Stadium for their final two home series of the year.


Note that A-Gon has the night off, barring pinch-hitting duties.

135 thoughts on “Game 139, 2016

  1. Dodger rookies have the five inning shutout down pretty well. I am giving Stewart zero runs because of the catch that almost was. This isn’t posting. A car ran into a power pole and knocked out the power. No TV either for now. Its midnight anyway on east coast. Good night.

  2. Teams can adjust their postseason roster in each round, right?
    If a team were to face the Dodgers in the playoffs, you would think they would stack their pitching staff with as many lefties as possible.
    Still, LA was able to get enough tonight — and hold the opposition — for the win.

      • I especially enjoyed “The bloop hit was perfectly served right where the creaky, hamstringless left fielder couldn’t get to, even though it was up in the air for seven minutes. It was a reminder of Pagan’s below-average range…”

  3. First major league win for Brock Stewart. I wonder what Arizona GM Dave Stewart thought of that.

  4. September baseball is the 4th quarter basketball of the baseball season. Hit, bring in new pitcher. Hit, bring in new pitcher. Same as make a basket, time out, make a basket, time out.

  5. I love that umps still have to call whether the ball was fair or foul – even after it has landed safely in a fielder’s glove for an out. That last pop up by Turner had Goldie straddling the line.

  6. I like Joe Nathan or at least have nothing against him. But I hope he blows the save tonight.

    • I am obviously pleased that the Dodgers got the out, but in general I am not a fan of the super slowmo replay reviews where the runner beat the throw and the tag and then in the act of sliding, the runner loses contact with the bag for a split second. I think it actually takes away from the true ebb and flow of a major league baseball game.

      But I understand it is here to stay.

      • I agree. I want balls and strikes called electronically. Home plate umpire would be like any other base umpire.

        • But wait. That would be even more of a high tech light show, with electric balls and strikes. I was actually thinking less would be better, not more.

  7. For all those nights with 12 hits and 2 runs, tonight the Dodgers have 1 hit and 2 runs. Uber efficient.

  8. Crazy fielding night by the Dodgers. Three balls that could have been outs that weren’t. So far only cost us one run but it is a dangerous way to live. Even against a last place team, especially with a rookie pitcher and a less than Grade A line-up.

    • And with offense essentially silent.
      I’m hoping this is one of the games where the Dodger bats wake up later and start hitting around.

      • Culberson’s would have been for sure an amazing catch. JT had to jump but it seems like it was fairly routine beyond that to my eye. Segedin’s was just a straight misplay.

  9. Do people think that Seager will stay in the 2 spot over the next few years? He seems like he will be just such a solidly spectacular hitter and I wonder where he will end up.

  10. I only saw parts of yesterday’s game, but it was very satisfying in the sense that the Dodgers did what they needed to do early, and that Stripling and the ‘pen had everything under control thereafter.

  11. Given that Pederson is far better defensively than Hernandez, I was going to express self-righteous indignation and say that Joc should be starting over Kiké in centerfield tonight against the lefty. Then I looked at their stats this season vs. left-handed pitching:
    Hernandez: .196/.339.,380/.720.
    Pederson: .100/.233/.180/.413.

    • Indeed. 6 1/3 innings, 2 hits, 1 run (earned), 2 walks, 3 strikeouts, and he picks up the win in his MLB debut.