Game 136, 2016

Padres at Dodgers, 1:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FSSD

The Padres send LHP Christian Friedrich (4-10, 4.84 ERA) out to face the Dodgers’ #2 prospect, Jose De Leon, possessor of a 2.61 ERA at AAA Oklahoma City. He’ll be the fifth rookie to start for the Dodgers in the past week, hard as that may be to imagine. Friedrich will be making his third start against the Dodgers this season, and he’s given up five earned runs in the 8 1/3 innings he’s pitched in those starts.

Kershaw news: Roberts tells Alanna Rizzo Kershaw will start against the Marlins on Friday.


95 thoughts on “Game 136, 2016

  1. In consecutive ABs, Wilmer Flores of the Mets has been throw out trying to stretch a single into a double, and a double into a triple. Is he going for the cycle?

  2. See that Alexei Ramirez was released by the Pads on Sunday. Vin really loved taking about him and the mood ring paint job on his car with hub caps that heighten the stroboscopic effect.

    • Odd that they would release anybody at this time of the season, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the depth-challenged Gnats pick him up. And to think the Pads dumped Trea Turner, who looks like a real find for the Nats (gnot the Gnats).

      • I guess the Pads thought that Amarista was their SS of the future. Trea did help to fetch Wil Myers, so not a dump in that sense. Have seen Trea in several games at the park. A fundamentally sound and exciting player with speed to burn (NL rookie of the month for August). Funny though, he is not being used as a SS, but rather in CF, where other options have fallen short for the Nats.

        • First basemen are easier than find than quality shortstops (where I expect Turner will soon end up).

          • Sure, though Myers was acquired to be a CF bookended by Upton and Kemp in the ill-fated attempt by the Pads to acquire proven impact players for prospects in order to steal a division title or two before the Dodgers became a juggernaught with resources to burn and a talented FO.

      • A 35 year old free agent, so I guess they want to give time for some kids to show their stuff, or not.

  3. Jay Bruce, who was a possible pick up instead of Reddick before going to the Mets, has struggled as well, with an OPS over the last month of .638, as compared to Josh at .574. Bruce would not have been a pure rental as he has a 2017 team option of $13 million (with $1 million buyout). Both have surged over the past week with Bruce putting up OPS 1.239 and Josh at 1.700.

    • The Mutts are playing surprisingly well, lately, with unexpected contributions from minor league callup starters. They could overtake the Gnats in the so-called wild card race.

  4. Grant may have offed himself, as someone else wrote the game recap of the Gnats’ loss at Wrigley.

  5. Surprised that JDL is charged with all 4. Certainly (his own) error lead to 1 unearned run didn’t it?

    • It’s a strange situation. There was no rbi given to the batter (though it was considered to be a single) as the runner scored on the throwing error. However, the official scorer is required to “reconstruct” the inning to see if the error contributed to the scoring. Since the subsequent batter singled the judgement was that the runner would have scored in any event. Hence, the Pads “earned” that run.

  6. So longer leash for JDL than for Urias. I think Urias had 81 pitches over 3 innings in his debut.

    • De León is older, and has worked more innings in the minors. I expect the 6th is his last today, though.

  7. For the second time I noticed the ump making some sort of sign tapping his left forearm with a couple of fingers. What would that be?