Game 134, 2016

Padres at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FSSD

Young Julio Urias (5-2, 3.71 ERA) pitches for the Dodgers and Clayton Richard (1-3, 3.51 ERA) does so for the Padres. Urias is probably nearing his last start for the Dodgers because of a desire to limit his work and save his arm this season (he’s never thrown more than 87 innings in a single season before, and he’s thrown 108 thus far this season), but he’s been getting better with every start. Richard has done the same for the Padres; after signing with them in early August he’s made three starts and given up only two earned runs in 18 innings.

Here’s some news: among the other callups and activations today (Barnes, Coleman and more)

Lineup when available.

63 thoughts on “Game 134, 2016

    • Unfortunately, Wednesday was the exception which highlights the lack of clutch hitting lately.

      • Actually, it is our pitching that has gone south. Run scoring was about the same in August as it was in July at 4.7. On the other hand, runs against ballooned from 3.6 in July to 5.3 in August. That’s 1.7 runs higher!

        • Agree about pitching overall.

          I meant the last week, where there was either low hitting or poor hitting with RISP.

  1. I guess this team’s offence lives and dies with Seager (0-3) more than say Kendrick (4-4).

  2. I’m out. This one suddenly feels like it is slipping away.

    12 hits and only 2 runs. Not productive production.

  3. Coming into the game, Libby in his 7 appearances since returning from the DL had an ERA of 11.57.

  4. Shoot – drifted off there for a moment. Woke up to Norris getting the double to score 2.

    • Apparently Urias has his knuckles nicked in his bunt attempt, e-rays negative, but maybe that explains his loss of control in the 6th.

      • That there was an injury effecting his pitching would make sense of Doc taking him out after one pitch to the batter, otherwise that is a very strange approach.

  5. Urias looks very confident and in control on the mound the last 3 innings. He knows what he is doing and it is very enjoyable to watch him pitch.

    • As it was the Brewers, they were undoubtedly looking to deal and not to block, though I am surprised to hear that Braun was available.

        • Guessing after 2016, five years for $111 million to age 37 that Braun’s contract was too rich for other teams. By comparison, at age 32 Werth was signed for 7 years at $126 million.

          • That Braun was on the fast track to the HoF over his first six season with a ROY and 1,2,3 finishes in MVP voting, until he stumbled with the drug thing and then an injury. Numbers are back up this year and last.

  6. Obviously glad the Cubs beat the Giants but it feels like a double edged sword. That Cub team is a bit scary right now and the cheering I do for them this week could turn to fearing next month.

  7. Thanks all for your witty, funny, interesting and insightful posts while I was in Denver, Monday thru Wednesday. You are a good bunch. I had to leave town before the Wednesday night make-up, however, but it certainly was a remarkable victory.