Trade deadline day!

The Dodgers have acquired OF Josh Reddick and LHP Rich Hill from the Oakland As for three good minor league pitchers, Jharel Cotton, Frankie Montas, and Grant Holmes. MLB Pipeline rates Holmes fifth, Montas eighth and Cotton thirteenth among Dodgers’ prospects.

This is why Friedman et. al. have emphasized stocking the farm system: to have useful pieces available for trade to fill immediate needs.

At Ken Gurnick says Reddick gives the Dodgers coverage if they do trade Yasiel Puig. He says the latest rumor about him involves a swap with the White Sox for James Shields. Other rumors: Ken Rosenthal says: “Dodgers’ talks with Rays revolve largely around TB’s starting pitching, but LAD also likes infielder Logan Forsythe, source says.”

Yahoo’s Jeff Passan on Hill: “Rich Hill was best reasonably obtainable pitcher on market. He has a blister. Those heal. He has a 2.25 ERA. No one else in baseball does.”

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  1. Maybe no one else in baseball has a 2.25 ERA, but Kershaw has a better one. So do BadGums and Kyle Hendricks.

  2. Shaikin on Puig in yesteday’s Times:

    Puig said he hopes to remain with the Dodgers but declined to say whether he believed it would be a mistake for them to trade him.

    “I don’t know what to say to that,” he said. “If they decide to trade me,
    then I’ll have to go to another team and work hard there. I just came to
    this country to play baseball.

    “I would like to stay here. But I also understand this is a business. You never know where you are going to end up.”

    Mike Petriello on Twitter re: Puig’s performance since coming off the DL.

  3. The team is refusing to comment further.

    The Dodgers could opt to platoon Reddick with Puig. But their plans for Puig remain as unclear as his whereabouts.

    “I’m not going to comment on that,” Zaidi said. “We have an off day today.
    Anything further, we’ll address and comment on tomorrow.

    “As far as our outfield picture, this is a team that is not unfamiliar
    to having healthy depth in the outfield. We’re just going to take it day
    by day, and put out the lineup that gives us the best chance to win.”

  4. Oh boy. Puig was told he’d be traded or sent to OKC today (says Rosenthal) of Fox;

    Puig, 25, stormed off after arriving at Dodger Stadium and being
    informed that he would either be traded or sent to the minors, according
    to major-league sources.

  5. Analysis of the Fields – Alvarez deal.

    Eric Stephen at TrueBlueLA analyzes Fields deal too.

    Note that to make room for Fields on the 40-man roster they moved Hyun-Jin Ryu to the 60-day DL. He can’t be activated till Sept. 6.

  6. I confess I really don’t understand why they’d trade a 28-year-old Bolsinger for a 33-year-old Chavez. They have roughly the same stats, and Bolsinger would seem to have more upside.

    • Guessing that Chavez is seen as a better fit now for possible bullpen support. Ballslinger has had a fling as a reliever and perhaps the organization wasn’t impressed. Don’t think there is a starter slot for him, and Stripling seems to have the leg up in both areas. So the deal was getting “maybe something” for “perhaps nothing”.

      • This is from a Blue Jays fan site, so take it with a grain or teaspoon of salt, but:

        “The Jesse Chavez for Mike Bolsinger deal isn’t much to look at.
        Evidently, the Blue Jays were on the verge of designating Chavez for
        assignment, and they received a starting depth piece in return for
        Chavez rather than nothing that all.”

        • I agree, not much to look at. We need pen help and they need starting help. We both got perhaps something for nothing.

    • Deadline has passed. Additional trades, however, might have happened but not yet public.

  7. Ballslinger gone to Jays for Chavez (can’t get enough of ex-A’s pitchers I suppose. Matt Moore to giants, apparently.

  8. Don’t buy the notion that Reddick provides coverage if Puig leaves. He is great against righties, but his split against lefties is .500 points of OPS!