Games 132 and 133, 2016

Dodgers at Rockies, Game One, 12:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, ROOTRM

Game Two, 5:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, ROOTRM

The postponement of Tuesday’s rainout till today means the Dodgers will pitch Ross Stripling (3-5, 4.13 ERA) in the opener and Rich Hill in the nightcap at 5:10PM PT. Stripling will face Tyler Anderson, who was the scheduled starter on Tuesday before the rainout. Hill will face rookie Jeff Hoffman, (0-2, 8.10 ERA).

Lineup, Game One:

Lineup, Game Two:

158 thoughts on “Games 132 and 133, 2016

  1. I will not jinx Jon Lester by saying anything more than that he is pitching an interesting game through six at Wrigley.

  2. Grant Pythonesquely summarizes last gnight’s Gnats: “…the Gnats were fish-slapped to death. Some of the wounds were self-inflicted. Some of them were the baseball gremlins pulling the fuselage apart while William Shatner watched.

    The bullpen ain’t great, but the lineup sure makes it look worse. The Gnats put their relievers in tough spots more often than any team in baseball. It’s so easy to grumble about the bullpen blowing another game β€” I just spent 500 words on it β€” but the Gnats had three hits.”

    I would disagree that the Gnats put their relievers in more tough spots than the Dodgers do, though – the difference is that the Dodgers’ pen is excellent.

  3. Chi beats SF tonight. SF 2 games behind.

    And sounds like Puig will be called up. It feels like the right move in terms of having the best performing players playing as the team tries to win the division.

  4. Now for some home cooking, as the gaints are off on a long road trip that includes the Cubbies, Coors and the Snakes.

    • Once again, you have misspelled “Gnats.” Also, out of respect, we should always capitalize the word.

    • Yes not to mention the rest of this year. Why not play someone that will be back next year instead of a rental?

      • Actually the consideration should be who can help you best to win now, an argument that Toles seems to win as well.

  5. Clearly, all the Dodgers needed was for me to leave town. Just saw the final score when my plane landed. Stunned.

    • I feel for you Scoop. You plan this trip, then the rain hits, you have to miss a game, and finally the Dodgers learn how to hit a little white ball all over again. I hope you had a good time.

  6. Holy smokes I don’t believe it! I just turned on SportsCenter after dinner to see the scores and there’s Neil Everett showing run after run after run being scored by the Dodgers, and then Toles’ grand slam! What a game to give up on!

  7. Woo-HOO!!! Driving home from a job in Newport Beach which kept me
    busy over the past two days, I turned on the game just in time to hear the Toles Grand Slam. Made for a fun drive.

  8. I was a bit distracted by work and, when Utley grounded out to end the eighth, I thought that was the game. I am pleased to have been mistaken.

  9. If Jansen comes in to the game down 3 – in this park does that still count as a save opportunity? πŸ™‚

  10. Dodgers really don’t want Kenley Jansen to have to pitch in the 9th inning here in Colorado.

    • I could see him pitching as he has thrown only 30-odd pitches in the past week. None since Sunday, when he threw 12.

  11. Such a weird series. Not strange to see the Dodgers lose necessarily but to not to see hitters get healthy is unimaginable.

  12. Giving an error on a missed catch on a foul ball only to have the batter fly out later in the at bat. If they can do that, then they call label passed balls and wild pitches with no runners on.

  13. Wonderful play by Turner. I kept thinking that the ball would bounce before it got to Gonzo but the throw made it all the way there – and that ensured it was an out.

  14. If this was a running race, this would be the time where you would want to make a kick to get back into the lead group.

  15. C’mon, people. Don’t leave me alone and stranded at the Denver airport. I depend upon you for Dodgers therapy.

  16. Not reporting from Coors Fields. I am at Denver International Airport. Ergo, I CANNOT BE HELD ACCCOUNTABLE FOR THIS GAME.

  17. When I go to the Dodger’s web site, I can always tell they lost, by looking at the captions of the videos. If they feature defensive plays then we lost.

  18. Well the good news is that statistically more double headers are split rather than swept. Of course. statistically the Rockies have a better chance of sweeping than the Dodgers.

  19. Happy 29th Birthday rookie. Here is a middle/middle pitch for you to hit for your first MLB home run.

  20. So far this game has ugh written all over it.
    And SF are leading in their game this afternoon.

  21. Utility players batting fifth thru eighth today. We look flat much like Monday night. Our right-handed batters are all in mini-slumps or worse. We need Puig. Is he coming up tomorrow, later or not at all?…I like Coors Field. The Rockies fans are good-natured in their ribbing, unlike Giants fans at AT&T.

    • Denver’s a pleasurable place to watch a ballgame. I’m 3-1 lifetime there – 1-0 at Mile High Stadium in 1994, 2-1 at Coors two years ago.

  22. Reporting from Coors Field, Day 3 (Game 2): Weather is good. That is about the only positive thing thus far today.

  23. Mulling over Seager as MVP. Are the Cubs so good as a team that Bryant’s value to the team is minimized? Using WAR, roughly, if you subtract Bryant’s 7 the Cubs would lead their division by 7, instead of 14. Take away Seager’s 6 and the Dodgers would trail by 4.

  24. I guess, when this happens each team gets to have an extra player, I hope our extra player can pitch.