Game 130, 2016

Cubs at Dodgers, 1:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, CSN-C, TBS

Lefty Jon Lester (14-4, 2.81 ERA) goes for the Cubs and RHP Brock Stewart (0-2, 11.25 ERA) takes the hill for the Dodgers. Lester’s been pitching even better than his record looks: he’s 5-0 with a 2.28 ERA since the All-Star break. In Stewart’s first two career starts in the big leagues he’s given up 14 earned runs and five dingers.


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    • Thinking of next year:

      With the likes of JDL, Stripling, Stewart and others to step into the rotation as needed.

      I wonder how many more innings for Urias this year? I also wonder who has more potential upside the next few years between Stripling and Stewart?

      • Just doing some quick math. If the Dodgers increase Urias’ innings by 30% from his maximum then he could go 113 this year, 150 next year, and 195 in 2018. By the time he is 25 he should be good to throw around 555 innings!

        • The single season record for innings pitched is 680. Urias could add 30% to his 555 and pitch 721 on his age 26 season. 721/9=80. He could pitch half the season for the Dodgers! I wonder if that would pretty much guarantee him the Cy Young and MVP awards that season?

  1. At 73-57 the Dodgers have the same record at 130 games as they had in 2015 and 2014. Interestingly, at this point in 2014, Kershaw was at 15-3, 11-6 in 2015 and currently 11-2.

  2. I’ve only seen today’s highlights, but the past three days appear to have been playoff-caliber baseball. The Dodgers could have easily swept the series, but could almost as easily have gotten swept.

  3. This is why games are played on the field and not with stats . . . who’dve figured with the starting matchup that it’s the Dodgers who get the shutout?

    • Enjoy your mile high adventure. I saw the Dodgers play at Mile High Stadium just before the 1994 strike, and then two years ago at Coors. My cousin – whose mother was my mother’s twin sister – lives in Denver and, though he’s not a big baseball fan, he sometimes comes along with me.

    • Thrilling game. And it was fun to listen to Vin as he enjoyed it as much as anyone.

        • Chicago had him on their network I guess as a way to say good bye. He was really on his game. It was a simulcast at least for the first 3 innings. Not sure if Cubs announcing team worked their booth.

  4. Couldn’t this be the playoffs already? Winner goes to the WS. (Never mind home field advantage stuff.)

  5. I am flying from San Jose to Denver tomorrow morning for the three-game series vs. the Rockies. Meeting an old friend who is flying from Chicago and also a big Dodgers fan. Here’s hoping that we are still in first when the third game is over Wednesday afternoon….Anybody have any tips about Coors Field?

  6. If the tension at the game is anything like Radioland, this definitely has a postseason feel.
    Again — sooooo glad LA won yesterday!

  7. The Beatles at Dodger Stadium story was amazing. I was one of those kids who saw them at Shea Stadium that same summer tour.

    • The thing people forget is that each one of those huge Beatles hits averaged about two-and-a-half minutes. 11 songs made for a 1/2 hour set. These days Springsteen’s shows last 3 hours, just as McCartney’s do.

  8. The way Fowler tossed his bat I got concerned. But it was tossed in disgust not joy.

  9. Just when the fly out was happening, I was recalling when Aaron Harang set the Dodger record with ten consecutive k’s back in 2012.

  10. The legendary A.J. Ellis hits a base-loaded 2B to give Fillies a 3-1 lead over Mutts.

  11. So intense! The giants followed by the Cubbies followed by Coors, scoreboard watching all along. How about a laugher? Would need to be today, cuz there ain’t no such thing at Coors.

    • Yes. The only laughers at Coors are in hindsight. We won 12-7? Wow I guess that was a laugher.

  12. Well, the pitching match-up doesn’t favour the Dodgers. So hitters, lace up your hitting shoes as best you can.

    • Looking at the facts, sure grateful for yesterday’s win!
      Still, the Dodgers beat the Cards in the playoffs down 0-2 vs. Wainwright.