Game 129, 2016

Cubs at Dodgers, 1:05PM PT, TV: FS1, SPNLA

Julio Urias (4-2, 3.95 ERA) will pitch for the Dodgers and Jason Hammel (13-6, 3.06 ERA) will take the mound for the Cubs. Hammel had a 22-inning scoreless streak blown up in his last outing when he gave up 10 runs to the Rockies in just 3 1/3 innings. In Urias’ last outing he threw six shutout innings against the Reds.

Lineup when available.

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  1. Today’s starting catcher for your Filadelfia Fillies is one Andrew James Ellis, batting seventh.

  2. Meanwhile, our boys on the farm: Dre at Cucamonga played four innings in RF (and went 0-3); Puig went 2-4 for OKC.

  3. My favorite paragraph from Grant’s recap (as edited for spelling): “You’ll never believe this, but that was Kemp’s fifth home run against the Gnats this year. Matt Kemp has as many home runs against the Gnats this season as the Busted Poseur has at The Phone Booth To Be Named Later.”

  4. Heh. Grant is unhappy that Matt Kemp hurt the Giants again. He looked it up, and Kemp has been what you might call a Giant-killer with timely home runs. Grant thinks now that he’s a Brave he should stop doing that.

  5. Old friend Matt Kemp hit a three-run homer in the top of the 4th for the Braves in San Francisco. Atlanta leads, 3-1, in the 4th.

    • Just watched the video on this. Boy does it seem strange to see Kemp in an Atlanta uniform.

  6. 1-2 in the post-AJ era.

    I am really impressed with this win: another great outing by the rookie, just enough offense, and the overtaxed bullpen vs. the mighty Cubs . . . it had all the earmarks of deja vu all over again.

    With all the injuries to the team and the frustrating starting rotation, Roberts has to be high in the consideration for MOY. Corey is there for ROY and possibly MVP (but Bryant is tough to beat, especially if the Cubs end regular season with the best record). If Kersh had been healthy, he would’ve been up for CYA.

    (But I’m sure they would trade it all in for the team big prize.)

  7. The 22 HRs by a shortstop that Seager surpassed today should probably have an asterisk. Glenn Wright hit them in 1930, which was the year when baseball’s offenses exploded. Nine of the 16 ML teams hit over .300; the entire NL hit .303.

    • On the other hand, it was a 154-game season. Of course, Seager broke the record in game No. 129.

  8. My goodness Julio, those were the Cubbies! (aka baseball’s offensive dreadnought).

    • Another meltdown of the pen would have been disconcerting what with Coors coming up next week.

  9. No matter what we will finish this Cubs series no worse than tied for first.

    5-2 over the course of a tough week is alright by me.

    • That was my thinking as well, Dave — with LA facing the Cubs and the Giants getting a “gimme” vs. the Braves. But that old “any given day . . . ” comes into play.

  10. At least Gonzalez is fast enough to beat runners to the bag on grounders hit to him.

  11. It feels a lot like last nights game. Love that the Dodgers get a chance to get it right today.

  12. I was just in the midst of typing hang on Julio. You are only a ground ball away from getting out of this.

  13. Not only are Dodgers keeping track of Urias’ pitch count – but also innings pitched. Wonder if this will be his last inning based more on the latter rather than the former.

  14. These announcers talking about the Dodgers surviving the loss of Kershaw, but say that they have been barely above .500. In fact they have been .580.

    • They also went on and on in the first inning about how Seager loved to swing at the first pitch, referring to his homer. It was on the second pitch, however.

  15. Wish Urias could redo the first inning. Not so much for the run but for the pitch count.

  16. Comparison
    Mark Sweeeny, 2008 Dodgers — 12-for-92 — .130/.250/.163/.413 — 15 BBs, 28 Ks.
    Josh Reddick, 2016, Dodgers — 11-for-75 — .147/.210/.160/.370 — 6 BBs. 15 Ks. (prior to today)
    Sweeney appeared in 98 games and was mostly used as a pinch-hitter
    Sweeney, 14 seasons — .254/.347/.387/.734
    Reddick, 8 seasons — .252/.314/.428/.742

  17. What’s the Dodgers fly ball to HR ratio? Hope they match it today with all the air outs they are getting.

  18. Hammels is having a hard time keeping a ball down, which is good for the Dodgers, but his pitch count far lower than Julito’s.

  19. Loved the post game and early morning chatter on the last thread. Tough losses bringing our little community closer together.

    Also, in terms of recovering from the last few losses, sleep and this fun video have helped a lot: