Game 124, 2016

Dodgers at Reds, 9:35AM PT, TV: SPNLA, FS-O

Lefty Scott Kazmir (10-6, 4.41 ERA) takes the mound for the Dodgers in this getaway day game, and Homer Bailey (2-1, 3.66 ERA) does the honors for the Reds. Kazmir hasn’t gotten an out in the seventh inning since July 30 and he’s walked 10 in his last 16 1/3 innings. This will be Bailey’s fifth start of the year as he’s been recovering from Tommy John surgery most of the season. He hasn’t made it into the seventh inning yet.

The Giants have the day off while the Dodgers play. One hopes it doesn’t help them prepare too well for the opener between the two teams Tuesday night in Los Angeles.

Somebody post the lineup in comments when the game starts.

88 thoughts on “Game 124, 2016

  1. On yesterday’s TV broadcast they showed an interview with former Dodger pitcher Carl Erskine (Oisk!). I guess he must live somewhat close to Cincy and goes to see the Dodgers when they come to play the Reds. It was fun to see and listen to him talk.

    Anyway, I have heard this story a million times but he was talking about Koufax being a bonus baby and so not going to the minors at all for development. So the Dodgers had to stick through lots of ups and downs with him for 6 years before he blossomed (with a little tip of the hat to the back up or bullpen catcher who told Sandy not to throw so hard in order to gain more control).

    All this got me thinking about one Mr. Puig. There have been rumours (Bleacher Report) that the Dodgers have still been trying to give him away. Imagine instead if the Dodgers rode the Puig rollercoaster for another 2 plus years – the first 6 of his career – in order to gain 6 years (or even 4 or 5) of sustained excellence. Would it be worth it? Is the big difference between Puig and Koufax attitude rather than early performance? Anyway, some interesting comparisons can be made…

    • Really doubt that the FO is willing to give Puig away or else there would have been takers. Guessing that they still value him based on his potential rather than his actual performance as an average outfielder with a salary more or less in line with such.

  2. The pitching match-ups seem favourable to SF, with them having what must be their top 3 going in the series.

    Game 1: MadBum vs Maeda – minus Kershaw and without knowing what to expect from Hill, this is best vs best (especially with Maeda on an extra day’s rest).

    Game 2: Cueto vs Hill – the long awaited, much anticipated, not to be duplicated Dodger debut of the aforementioned Hill.

    Game 3: Moore vs Anderson/Stripling/Norris+bullpen – lots of intrigue for Thursdays game, as the Dodger starter I believe is still everyone’s favourite: Mr. TBA.

    I have no idea how to pick who will win this series, how many games the Dodgers will or which one to favour them in.

    Don’t want to get swept. Hoping for 2 wins. Dreaming of 3.

    • “He’s getting paid too much if he owns his own car!”

      Says team ownership circa 1965.

    • Actually, it was touch-and-go in the beginning, when Kazmir was so shaky. After he left, the Dodgers really poured it on.

  3. Well, since I said Gonzo would not get to 20 hrs this year – to which Bob said, hey he hits them in bunches – he has hit 5 to get to 15 with still about 6 weeks left to play.

  4. I was rooting for both Gonzo and Votto to hit home runs in their respective last at bats. I am guessing there has not been a game when one player hit 4 home runs and another hit for the cycle in the same game.

    Of course, I was also rooting for Green to hit a triple or another home run in his 4 homer game. That would have given him either a 4 hr + a cycle game OR the even more impressive 5 hr game.

    • Club record for a game is eight — the Green four-homer game. Gonzalez has seven RBIs. Club record for a game is eight — Cey in 1974….As for Ripken, what a slacker.

  5. Reddick is on the bench thinking, “At least when I misplay the ball in right they only go for two bases. With Toles it’s three.”

  6. The acquisitions of Chavez and Fields a while back puzzled me. They continue to do so. Chavez arrived with a 4.57 ERA in Toronto, Fields with a 6.89 ERA in Houston. Neither has shown much.

    • Chavez has an ERA of under 4.00 for the Dodgers and has done well in his role as a pen innings eater. Fields is around 4.50. Why would you refer to their previous performances in assessing them in their contributions to the Dodgers?

      • I was referring to what each brought with him when acquired. Chavez has now pitched nine times this season and accumulated 12.2 innings. Each has a career ERA of about 4.50. But, hey, the Dodgers are up 12-5!

  7. I can’t remember a Dodger pitcher who’s been as consistently erratic as Kazmir and who still has a winning record this late in the season.

  8. “Despite being staked to a 4-0 lead in the first inning, Dodgers start Scott Kazmir . . .

  9. Homer Bailey is the 11th player in major league history with that first name. None was much of a home run hitter. The most was 18 by Homer Summa, who played in the majors 1920, 1922-1930. Other Homers who homered: Homer Smoot, 15 homers, 1902-1906; Homer Bush, 11, 2007-2014, and Homer Peel, 2, 1927, 1929-1930, 1930-1934. The other seven Homers combined for zero. Homer was once a popular name for boys born in the U.S., mostly close to the turn of the 20th century after the Greek epic poet who wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey. Not any longer, although it’s the name of the father on The Simpsons. Of course, many announcers are homers.

  10. With the exception of McCarthy, Brandons are some of the most irritating players in baseball.