Game 113, 2016

Phillies at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, CSN-P

The Dodgers put RHP Kenta Maeda (10-7, 3.22 ERA) on the hill to face RHP Vince Velasquez (8-3, 3.33 ERA). Maeda has now exceeded Kershaw in number of innings pitched this season with 125 2/3. Velasquez has walked 17 in his last 36 innings, which is not ideal.

SVS goes to the 15-day DL, Taylor is recalled.


84 thoughts on “Game 113, 2016

  1. Hurray! Still on MacBook. There isn’t a computer parts store left on Oahu, I’m afraid, so I’m gonna have to order an NIC card online and pay plenty for shipping.

      • Seemingly not. There’s only one general bookseller left on O’ahu too — a Barnes and Noble at Ala Moana Shopping Center. It closed two other locations and Borders died. We’d never had any indie bookstores for popular books, just for niches like religious or Hawaiian. Several used bookstores still exist.

  2. How you make up 6.5 games in 3 1/2 weeks — since the All-Star break the Dodgers are 13-9, the Giants are 7-16.

  3. Has Howell always fallen off the mound like that at the end of his delivery?

  4. Gee I thought the game was going slow until I realized that for some reason gameday on my computer was stuck in the 5th inning

  5. I hope stranding those 2 runners don’t come back to haunt us. (jk)
    I know that the stranding runners beast can reappear at any moment but it certainly hasn’t been a concern thus far in this series.

  6. So is Hill still scheduled for Friday night? I’m feeling like we are really losing out on return on that investment.

  7. Chavez knows how to throw strikes. I love it when a relief pitcher just comes in and does that.

  8. Balls just flying out of here tonight. It’s only 70 degrees, but acting a lot warmer.

  9. Cueto’s poor performance with the Giants since the All-Star Game is really no surprise. I remember that he had second half trouble last season with K.C. I did a little research:

    Career: First half — 71-40, 2.93 ERA. Second half — 38-33, 3.79
    2015: First half — 6-6, 2.73. Second half — 5-7, 4.34
    2016: First half — 13-1, 2.47. Second half — 0-2, 5.02

    The Giants obviously hope he can turn it around. Bumgarner, by the way, is 0-3, 3.18 since the A-S Game.

  10. I guess Puig and some other OKC Dodgers got in trouble for possibly enjoying the night life a little too much after last night’s loss. The shocking thing about this stir is that I have lived here 37 years and did not know we had a night life.

    • I thought you were scouting him last night! Apparently he needed a chaperone. Night life in Iowa City?

  11. I wonder why for the second consecutive game that Reddick is batting cleanup and Gonzalez fifth. I would switch those two in the lineup.

    • Trying to get Reddick started i guess. Agon might get Reddick better pithes to hit.

      • Yeah, seems like a move with an objective. The guy has got to start hitting at some point.