25 thoughts on “Off day musings

  1. In the potentially could happen category: Rich Hill and Josh Reddick would be pretty bland trade acquisitions compared to Sale, Archer or Davis.

    • Reddick is a comparable LH bat to Ethier, and possibly a better defensive OFer. He’s not comparable to any pitcher, and would probably come cheaper than Jay Bruce.

      Hill, by the way, will not make his scheduled Sunday start for the Atléticos.

  2. It was uncharacteristically thoughtful of the Gnats – twice this week! – to help the Dodgers gain ground on days they didn’t even play.

    • Núñez probably strengthens their roster but, until very recently, he fell into the disappointing prospect category. He still has mediocre OBP, and only made the ASG as the token Twinkie. His acquisition probably means the Gnats anticipate having to give up on either Duffy or Panic, who’ve both been out with injuries.

      • Panik came off the DL and played last night. Duffy was not doing too well even before he went on the DL.

          • To be fair, measured by WAR, both were positives for the giants, with Panik at 1.1 and Duffy at 1.7.

          • They’ve been better than expected, but I would question their long-term viability.

          • Panik has put up pretty good number over the past three years, particularly for a 2nd baseman. Duffy is another issue and the jury is out on whether he can put up the sort of numbers that one would want out of the hot corner.

  3. I would package Puig and two of our better prospects to try to acquire a strong front-line pitcher. We will need another solid addition to the rotation even if Kershaw returns.

    • Yeah, those are my concerns as well, both the short term and the longer term as regard starters. The thing about trading Puig is that it creates a hole, even if we judge him for what he is, rather than our expectations of what he could be and hasn’t been lately. Don’t think that hole can be filled by what we have on the roster or in the farm, so trading him would require an additional move.

      • There’s some good outfield talent on the farm, but it won’t be ready for a year or two.

  4. Wonder how long Dusty stays with Papelbon, who was dreadful last time out.

    • Actually the previous two times out causing grumblings in DC about trying to pick up another closer. Dusty had him on a short leash, thank goodness.

  5. Whether they make a trade or not, one thought keeps going through my mind:

    How weird would it be for the Dodgers to win the World Series this season – without Kershaw coming back?!

    I realize we are a long, long way from that happening, but still I can’t stop thinking about how strange that would be.

  6. Nats lead the Gnats 3-0. Cueto lucky not to give up more in rough second inning.

  7. I would stand pat myself. We have a pretty good team that will somehow get us into the post season, and to me that would be a successful season.

  8. Think I’d go for Archer, young and controlled for a couple of years. TB will want prospects rather than major leaguers. Not sure what their needs are, but I would give up pitching prospects, JDL, Holmes, Stripling etc.

  9. I’m glad I don’t have to make these decisions. The pressure in/on the front office must be overwhelming at this time of year.