Game 93, 2016

Dodgers at Diamondbacks, 5:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FS-A

Brandon McCarthy (2-0, 2.70 ERA) makes his third start of the season. He’s gone five innings in each of his first two since recovering and rehabilitating from Tommy John surgery. His opponent is Archie Bradley (3-5, 4.64 ERA), who lost to the Dodgers in his only start against them this season on June 14 in Phoenix, pitching four scoreless innings then giving up five runs in the next 1 2/3 innings.

Fun fact: Since the start of 2013, the Dodgers own the best record in baseball after the All-Star break at 126-79 entering Friday. Next was Kansas City at 127-87.

Trayce Thompson goes to the 15-day DL with lower back irritation, Zach Walters comes up. Ethier’s leg isn’t healed, but he’s going to up his workout level anyway. From Dave Roberts, this statement sounds ominous:

“Because it’s not healed completely, we really don’t have a timetable. It’ll be healed at some point, but this season to hope and expect it to be pain-free is something that’s maybe too optimistic. Andre wants to be back and he’ll do whatever he can to be back.”


Late addition: Tim Kurkjian screws up on SportsCenter, picks Orel Hershiser as his player to watch in the second half of the season.

58 thoughts on “Game 93, 2016

        • I’d be more than happy to share the load with Grant, but I’ll bet SB Nation pays him something for his work, which the jerks who run Elysian Fields are too cheap poor to do. 😉

    • Grant is the best, especially when the Gnats lose. but he is wrong about one thing: the balk-off was hysterically funny, and I’ve rewatched it several times.

  1. From a Gnatblog: “C’mon, that wasn’t a balk….he just slipped on the pile of excrement he left on the mound.”

  2. Bah. Kenley can’t be perfect every time out, but the offense surely failed tonight. 1 for 15 with RISP. This game is so unpredictable. After last night’s explosion, tonight they hit zip.

  3. Disappointing finish, which I missed, but at least I got more than a chuckle out of the Gnats’ balk-off loss. I could watch that over and over again.

    • He was good briefly but, when some of these guys come off the DL, he’s the first DFA.

  4. Of course the only time Kendrick doesn’t get a hit he leaves the bases loaded. Sometimes this game drives me bonkers.

    • I am about halfway through. It is insightful, interesting and well-researched. Also somewhat shocking.

  5. When is Roberts going to let McCarthy pitch in the seventh? What’s he got to do different than he did tonight?

  6. So frustrating. Why couldn’t Kendrick double of the wall this time instead of last time. I swear. This reminds me of a hockey game I saw once where the Jets had 49 shots on net and lost 2-1.

  7. Grrr. Dodgers going to be at 8 LOB very soon, unless McCarthy gets a hit.

  8. At this point last night, about 15 runs had been scored. Much better pitching from both teams tonight.

  9. if Orel is a player to watch in the second half of the season, our current starting rotation were either abducted by aliens or we have suffered catastrophic injuries to them.