Game 82, 2016

Rockies at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, ROOT Sports

The Rockies start Jorge De La Rosa (5-4, 6.47 ERA) against the Dodgers’ newly-acquired Bud Norris (3-7, 4.22 ERA). After a hiatus De La Rosa moved back into the rotation on June 14 and has won all three starts since while posting a 2.11 ERA, but he’s not made it past the sixth inning in any one of them. Norris had a bad two months to start the year with the Braves but has gone 2-1 with a 2.08 ERA in six appearances in June.

Pitchers’ history:

De La Rosa has faced the Dodgers 25 times in his career, opposing only the Padres, Giants and D-backs more. He has historically struggled against Los Angeles, holding a 5.22 ERA over 120 2/3 innings. However, he has a 3.90 ERA at Dodger Stadium and has a 2.87 ERA in his last five starts against the Dodgers, spanning back to August 2014.


[Norris] is 2-1 with a 6.23 ERA in 10 games (five starts) against the Rockies in his career, but 13 of the 21 earned runs came at Coors Field.

Other news of note:

  • The Associated Press will begin using an automated writing service to cover more than 10,000 minor league baseball games annually, the news cooperative announced Thursday.”
  • Two nitwit Congresspeople (one of whom has now retracted her sponsorship) wrote legislation attempting to exclude Minor League Baseball from the Fair Labor Standards Act because the millionaires and billionaires who own MLB and pay the minor leaguers’ salaries don’t want those wages to be governed by labor law. Grant Bisbee rips the argument to shreds.

Also, Kershaw and Pederson have been placed on the 15-day disabled list and Will Venable has been brought up.

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67 thoughts on “Game 82, 2016

  1. Norris, after the game:

    The right-hander held the Rockies to a single and a double, and finished
    with eight strikeouts, pitching for a team he grew up rooting against.
    Raised north of San Francisco, Norris said, “I’m a Bay Area kid. This is
    going to kill my dad.”

  2. I will say that the Gnats bullpen is pretty porous. Ours is better at the moment.

  3. Old friend Loney batted cleanup for the Mets tonight. He singled, doubled and homered, drove in three and scored three. The Mets beat the Cubs, 10-2.

    • Pleased to see him doing well at the moment, but he never lived up to (unrealistic) expectations.

  4. Oh good. Baez coming in so that Jansen can be set up for a save situation.

    • With good reason, as it covers a lot of ground:

      switches his pitching position from the windup to the set (or vice versa) without properly disengaging the rubber;
      while on the rubber, makes a motion associated with his pitch and does not complete the delivery;
      when pitching from the set position, fails to make a complete stop with his hands together before beginning to pitch;
      throws from the mound to a base without stepping toward (gaining distance in the direction of) that base;
      throws or feints a throw from the rubber to an unoccupied base, unless a play is imminent;
      steps or feints from the rubber to first base without completing the throw;
      delivers a quick return, a pitch thrown right after receiving the ball back, with intent to catch the batter off-guard;
      drops the ball while on the rubber, even if by accident, if the ball does not subsequently cross a foul line;
      while intentionally walking a batter, releases a pitch while the catcher is out of his box with one or both feet
      unnecessarily delays the game
      pitches while facing away from the batter;
      after bringing his hands together on the rubber, separates them except in making a pitch or a throw;
      stands on or astride the rubber without the ball, or mimics a pitch without the ball; or
      attempts to throw to a fielder in a spot not directly at a base
      delivers a pitch during a squeeze play or a steal of home, if the catcher or some other player steps on or in front of home base without possession of the ball, or touches the batter or his bat. The ball is dead, the batter is awarded first base, the pitcher is charged with a balk, and the run scores. (rule 7.07)

        • I have been umpiring mostly youth baseball for 15 years. The balk remains enigmatic. I don’t think many truly understand it fully. The younger the kids, the more leeway I allow. I am umpiring a Roy Hobbs game tomorrow, on the bases. I will be tougher.

  5. Just came back from a “pops” concert with fireworks and see that the Dodgers could use some fireworks.

    • I know it has been a couple of years, but I’m not used to runs coming of the scoreboard in baseball. Still seems like more of a football thing.

  6. Vin, in his pleasant mannered way, basically said Roberts should have called a hit and run play with the pitcher easy to run on, a fast runner on first, a 2 and 1 count. And, sure enough, Grandal grounded into a double play.

  7. Our 19 players to the DL in 2016 is not far behind our major’s leading 22 for all of last year.

    • Cueto’s off to a fine start, but Shelby Miller’s trying to give it back.

  8. Now on the DL, Pederson is second on the Dodgers with 16 doubles, 13 homers, 31 walks, a .476 slugging percentage, .342 weighted on-base average and 116 weighted runs created.

  9. I found this unusual.

    Here were the starting pitchers for the Dodgers last year: Kershaw (33 starts), Greinke (32), Anderson (31), Bolsinger (21), Frias (13), Wood (12), Latos (5), McCarthy (4), Baker (2), Beachy (2), Wieland (2), Garcia (1), Huff (1), Lee (1), Nicasio (1), Thomas (1).
    Not a single one of those pitchers is currently on the 25-man active roster. All are either on the DL, in the minors or no longer with the organization. McCarthy, who will start Sunday, has not been placed on the 25-man roster yet.

  10. June: Dodgers 16-12, 3.60 ERA, 3.9 runs per game, batted .231, 37 HRs in 28 games.
    May: Dodgers 16-12, 3.18 ERA, 4.4 rpg, batted .239, 34 HRs in 28 games
    April: Dodgers 12-13, 3.66 ERA, 4.2 rpg, batted .241, 17 HRs in 25 games

  11. Last time we picked up a veteran pitcher from the Braves who seemed to have rebounded in the previous month it didn’t work out well (hi Mat). Let’s go Bud!

  12. Old friend Carlos Santana homers off old friend Darwin Barney (yes, that Darwin Barney) in the 19th in Toronto.

  13. Canada Day game in Toronto has just entered the 18th, with utility infielder Ryan Goins pitching for Jays.