Game 104, 2016

Diamondbacks at Dodgers, 6:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FS-A

The Dodgers send Scott Kazmir (9-3, 4.35 ERA) out to face the D-Backs’ Braden Shipley (0-1, 10.13 ERA). Kazmir’s W-L record is deceptive; he’s not pitched quite as well as that would indicate. This will be Shipley’s second big league start; he gave up three homers to the Brewers in his first start. It was a three-run shot by Martin Maldonado which ended his outing.

A-Gon is one dinger shy of 300 for his career, and this will be Kazmir’s first time facing Arizona since 2006.


69 thoughts on “Game 104, 2016

  1. If both deals are accurate and go through, Cleveland have given up a lot of their top prospects to get Lucroy and Miller. Interesting to see how that works out for them, but they are certainly pushing a big pile of chips into the middle of the proverbial poker table.

    • Lucroy apparently doesn’t think much of Cleveland, has invoked his no-trade clause.

  2. Other teams pulling deals to fit their needs – Washington with Melancon, Cleveland with Lucroy, etc.

    Wonder if the Dodgers will pull the trigger in the next day and a half? Seems like trying to get a top of the rotation type starter is not going to work out. Perhaps going after a late inning reliever or a corner outfielder will be easier to get a deal done?

    • I am still hoping for Archer and/or Bruce, but this is a seller’s market and not a deep field of strong talent available.

    • I think they have in-house options for bolstering the pen (Urias, Yimi) such that the gains might be marginal unless they are willing to spend big time on a reliever. The probably get a bigger bang for their buck if they use their prospects to go after another front line starter (Archer my fav), as this is a glaring relative weakness even with Kershaw coming back.

      • I like Archer too, but Bruce could help fill the vacuum that Ethier’s absence has left.

  3. Today is the first day since July 7 that we have lost ground to the Giants. Not a bad streak.

  4. Well, good thing a baseball season is not about who gets to 60 wins first.
    My prediction was wrong, but it was really about the fact that the Dodgers weren’t as bad a team -and SF as good a team – as the standings showed back when I made my prediction.

  5. Vin enthralled with this guy’s story. (Fourth highest Canadian draftee).

    • Matty needs to go to the AL as a DH to get the best value out of him at this point.

  6. I wonder what happened to Kazmir’s idea of pitching a simulated inning before the game starts. He sure has his troubles early in games. That’s why I said his W-L record is deceptive. It makes it look like he’s having a Kershaw-like season, when in fact each game is a frustration.

  7. Ha. Vin riffing and ripping the AZ uniforms. “Psychologically it must be a downer to wear that drab grab uniform.”

  8. Can we start a new trend by creating a new pitching specialty called the counter closer? This pitcher will only pitch the first inning of any Kazmir game.

  9. Well, hopefully Kazmir settles in and goes another 5 or 6 solid innings.

  10. Wow. Matt Kemp traded to Atlanta for Hector Olivera. Two old friends traded for each other.

    • Jayson Stark, earlier today.

      Earlier in the day he said this: Reds, Dodgers still talking about Jay Bruce. But a source says that 3-way deal isn’t going to happen. It was fun while it lasted!

    • Hey Sam Bam. I don’t recall seeing you on here before. My apologies if I’m wrong about that, but welcome to this Dodger community!

      • Yeah it was my first time here. I check out sportspyder/Dodgers and stumbled here. I’m at the game, thanks for the hospitality!