Game 81, 2016

Dodgers at Brewers, 11:10AM PT, TV: SPNLA, MLBN (out-of-market only)

It’s a battle of righthanders as the Dodgers’ Kenta Maeda (6-5, 2.91 ERA) goes against the Brewers’ Zach Davies (5-3, 3.74 ERA). This will be the last time the two teams meet this year, right at the Dodgers’ halfway point of their season. Maeda faced the Brewers on June 19 and gave up just one run in 6 1/3 innings but got no decision. Davies faced the Dodgers on June 17 and gave up just one run in seven innings, also getting no decision.

Joc Pederson is unlikely for this game due to his sore shoulder. Meanwhile Kershaw has gone on the 15-Day DL. Here’s the interesting part:

Kershaw had been receiving treatment for the condition for two weeks, but reported more discomfort Monday after losing to the Pirates on Sunday night.

Lineup when available.

50 thoughts on “Game 81, 2016

  1. Halfway through with a 44-37 record, which would be fine with me if it weren’t for the team up North having such an excellent year itself. The Giants have given up seven or more runs in each of their last four games, so maybe they’re not invincible after all.

  2. Thompson making contact again. Be nice if he were to also get his groove back. Sounds like a 60’s movie.

    • I notice you corrected your spelling, but I was curious about the name itself. “Fein” is a German/Jewish surname but, I see elsewhere, that “Fien” appears to be Dutch. The German pronunciation (I speak German) would be the same as English “Fine,” but I don’t know enough Dutch to suggest anything other than the “Feen” that we hear from Steiner (not to imply that Steiner knows anything whatsoever).

  3. Hi All. Great job by Maeda. Offense continues to dangle hotness at us all, but this is an encouraging game nevertheless. And Bud Norris — kudos to the FO for taking immediate action. The only cloud on the horizon is I’m going to the Saturday night game, and my son is out of town. So….

  4. Without researching who Philip Pfeifer (LHP) and Caleb Dirks (RHP) are, I like the trade. Nice to have a couple of million dollars to throw around.

  5. Much better inning this time. A Gon scores from second base no less. Did they give him oxygen in the dugout afterward?

  6. Maeda actually has a lower pitch count than Davies at this point. Six innings seem doable, perhaps seven!

  7. We still left a man in scoring position in the second inning. I hope we are not going to make a habit out of this.

    • Perhaps little consolation, but we actually hit better with RISP (OPS .713) than otherwise (.667).

  8. After one inning tied for yesterday’s hits (and also still tied in runs department).