Game 72, 2016

Nationals at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, MASN 2, ESPN

The hype has already begun for this game, and it’s only natural. Washington’s Stephen Strasburg hasn’t lost a game yet this year while winning ten; Los Angeles’s Clayton Kershaw has lost one game while also winning ten. In ERA Kershaw has the edge, giving up a measly 1.58 earned runs per nine innings; Strasburg has given up 2.90 earned runs per nine innings.

The Dodgers may activate Yasiel Puig today. If they do they’ll have to send someone down to OKC. Update: Nope, tomorrow, says Roberts.

In other news:

Lineup when available.

38 thoughts on “Game 72, 2016

  1. I wonder how many Kershaw wins Jansen has saved? I guess there is a way to track win/save combos like that on BR, but I don’t know how to do it.

  2. Chutley with the RBI hit. Still looking for run scored #1000. Come on Seager!

      • Usually I get Vin for three on Gameday audio and then Rick and Charlie for the reminder of the game. But tonight it’s the pair right from the start.

        • You don’t subscribe to video, then?

          By the way, Vin explains he came with a sore throat because he really wanted to see Strasberg v. Kershaw. He says he’ll croak his way through the broadcast (disconcerting wording).

          • Thanks for the update. Poor Vin! And then the matchup didn’t even happen.

            No, I can’t justify paying for throughout the whole season. I usually wait until Aug or Sept when it goes down to about $20 or less and then I purchase it.

          • I can’t do without it now. It’s easier since we cut the cable with Comcast.