Game 61, 2016

Rockies at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, ROOT SPORTS

The rubber match of the three-game series features Kenta Maeda (5-3, 2.84 ERA) for the Dodgers and Chris Rusin (1-4, 4.62 ERA) for the Rockies. Maeda has allowed but one run in his last 11 1/3 innings over two starts, and in Rusin’s last start he went seven innings and gave up three runs.

Remember the kerfuffle at the Mets’ stadium when the Dodgers wanted to mark the outfield in order to position their players out there, and the Mets said “Holy Tris Speaker, NO!” Here’s a discussion and an exhortation for MLB to recognize that this is the 21st century and technology is here to stay.

Lineup when available.

Now this is a weird lineup. Seager out, Utley out, Pederson out. I’m all for giving guys days off, but three including two of your bigger producers in the same game?

40 thoughts on “Game 61, 2016

  1. The Dodgers went 10-for-84 at the plate in this series for a batting average of .119 against one of the worst pitching staffs in baseball. Kershaw vs. Cueto Friday night in San Francisco.

    • You have to take into account where the Rox pitchers have to perform in half their games. Adjusting for Coors, the Rox pitchers are just about average in the NL and rank 8th in the league.

      • Even so, the offense was pathetic for all three games, but a couple long balls salvaged game two.

        • Just trying to give the Rox hurlers their due, unfortunately the Dodger batters gave them more than they deserved.

  2. Dodgers had one chance in the fifth inning. They couldn’t capitalize and that was the game. Would have been nice to have had Seager hitting in Turners spot in that moment but he and Trayce can’t save the Dodgers every night.

  3. What has happened to our hitting? Five runs in three games against the Rockies’ pitching staff? Embarrassing.

  4. here we go, last chance. Seager will surely appear at the plate somewhere

  5. Three more at bats. I am not holding my breath. Oh, and did I mention I am at the stadium?

  6. Man. I’m doing some heavy eye rolling over here in regards to some of Roberts in game management. And even more in the general direction of the Dodger hitters.

  7. That was such an example of Murphy’s Law. Maeda did a great job, then a bloop got him.

  8. Keep on rolling Maeda. Your teammate hitters will break through eventually.

  9. A more selective and patient JT would have walked, without ever taking the bat off his shoulder.

  10. Just tuning in – not a surprise to see the b squad lineup struggling at the plate. Glad that Maeda is on his game so far.