Game 60, 2016

Rockies at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, ROOT SPORTS

The Dodgers’ 19-year-old prospect Julio Urias (0-1, 9.39 ERA) makes his third start for them against the Rockies’ Eddie Butler (2-3, 5.65 ERA). Butler pitched poorly his last time out, giving up 11 hits in four innings, but that was his first bad outing of the year despite his W-L record. Urias has given up 8 runs in the 7 2/3 innings he’s thrown in the big leagues, but the Dodgers seem to have seen more favorable than unfavorable things about him. I’d point out that even the sainted Koufax went 2-2 with a 3.02 ERA in the 12 games in which he appeared when he was 19.


38 thoughts on “Game 60, 2016

  1. Watched the highlights of last night game. Loved the video of Trayce’s walk off home run – especially the part of Kiké (no surprise) and Maeda (more of a surprise!) wearing empty gum buckets on their heads.

    • A lot of Japanese players nowadays have seemingly shrugged off their stodgy images and decided it’s okay to have fun. In Japanese baseball that’s frowned upon.

  2. Well, that was nice. I tuned in just in time to see Jansen get them out in the top of the ninth and then see Thompson hit the winning HR.

    More like that, please, although 10 hits is better than 5.

  3. Thompson with another walkoff homer, and the Giants lose in 10. We are three games back.

    • And glad I did! Would have gone lights out if it went to extra innings. Probably.

  4. So vote counting still going on in California I guess. Too little, too late for Bernie it looks like.

    • I’ve been jumping between returns, writing work, and the game. Exciting night multi-tasking.

  5. Gameday is a mess. It currently says that Jansen is replacing Logan to face Seager.

    • Update. Gameday now says Logan has now replaced Jansen. But has a picture of Baez pitching.

  6. Right now this game is 3-3.
    SF and Boston is 3-3.
    Atlanta and SD is 3-3.

  7. Nice thing about Urias only going 4 innings is that he isn’t in line for the win anyway. You can’t lose what you never had. #glasshalffull #otherhalfbroken

  8. Seager with an amazing play and an error. No wonder defensive matrixes are so difficult to create.

  9. If the Dodgers could figure out a way to hit into 2 double plays in a single inning I bet they would try that tonight too.

    • Not looking to promising. Arenado up with bases loaded and only 1 out.

      • I take it all back. The pen wriggles out of a jam of their own making.

  10. So far, mostly good.
    But good heavens 69 pitches is a lot for 3 innings of work. He is on pace for way over 100 for 9. Like 207.

  11. It would not take much, but let us hope this line up hits a little better than last nights did.