Game 57, 2016

Braves at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FSSO

Fresh off his National League Pitcher of the Month award, lefty Clayton Kershaw (7-1, 1.56 ERA) tries to start June off right. He’ll face the right-handed Bud Norris (1-6, 5.71 ERA), who’s filling in for Mike Foltynewicz; he’s got a bone spur in his right elbow and is on the DL. Norris made five starts earlier this season and amassed an ugly 8.74 ERA before being removed from the Braves’ starting rotation.

Vin on Ali’s death:

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78 thoughts on “Game 57, 2016

  1. Well, CK is 8-1. About 1/3 of the way in. Projects to 24-3. About right.

    Except he could have won more than 8, IIRC.

    • And Barnes called up. Another Ned blunder resolved, finally. After 4 years.

      • Actually, Crawford had some value in his earliest Dodger years. Grossly overpaid, but not worthless.

        • Many journeyman outfielders could have done as well and maybe been on the DL less.

          With CC, as with many of his reliever signings, Ned tended to overweight past performance and not understand the current player as he was, let alone have much vision into what he was likely to become.

          • Ned didn’t do it alone, but Crawford’s contract was the price of acquiring AGon (not to mention Nick Punto). CC still had some limited usefulness, but I’d say he’s done for. I doubt anyone’ll sign him even at the major league minimum now.

          • Along with Josh Beckett and the fabulous Nick Punto ;-]). At least the players the Dodgers gave up didn’t do much.

            But many, many millions in assumed contract obligations was a different kind of animal.

  2. Uggh 3:27 for a game that was 1-0 into the bottom of the 8th inning is not the way it needs to be.

  3. That drag bunt followed by the double steal were textable events, WinnipegDave.

  4. The Dodgers are to the Cubs as the Braves are to the Dodgers. Well almost anyways.
    The Dodgers are currently 11 games behind the Cubs in the standings and the Braves are 12 games behind the Dodgers.
    So, the satisfaction I felt when the Dodgers “only” lost 2-0 and 2-1 to the Cubs is almost equal to the frustration I feel with the Dodgers “only” leading 2-0 (to this point) in this game.

    • Satisfaction is not the right word there but you maybe know what I am trying to say…

  5. I had a friend ask me to text him when the Dodgers scored or something exciting happened tonight.

    I have not sent a lot of texts.

    • Given the opponents and the starting pitching matchup – this seems like the least inspiring potential shut out win of the year.

  6. So 96 pitches is Kershaw’s new limit? I know he was struggling a bit, but he likely still had one more inning left in him. 20 pitches still leaves him under 120 total.

  7. What are the reasons again why it is impossible for the Dodgers to hit effectively?

  8. Kershaw is definitely off script today. So many lead off hitters getting on tonight – 4 out of 6. And Flowers was robbed of a hit to lead off the 5th.

  9. AJ gave it a ride but just missed it. Kershaw can help himself and expand the lead with a hit.

  10. Shoot. AGon had a chance to drive in a couple but fizzles a comebacker out to the pitcher.

  11. Alright! Bud was hanging with Kershaw through the first time through the lineup but now has faltered a bit.

  12. Kershaw brought out the hard sliders at the right time to get out of the mini-jam.

  13. And now the Redbirds have knocked out Smegma with back-to-back dingers from Piscotty and Adams.

  14. After spotting the Gnats a four-run lead, the Redbirds have come back with four of their own off Smegma.

  15. Kershaw 7-1 and 1.56 vs Norris 1-6 and 5.71? If this was football I would say that this is a trap game. I continue to worry about Kershaw games which makes no logical sense at all. It’s like worrying about Federer circa 2006.

  16. Can I just say how SICK I am of the gnats winning?

    Thank you for letting me rant.

    That is all.

    • They have to lose sometime.
      They have to lose sometime.
      They have to lose sometime.
      They have to lose.
      They have to.

      Don’t they?

  17. By beating the Gnats earlier in the week, Foltynewizc sacrificed himself for the good of the Dodgers.

  18. Had the pleasure of meeting Ali. I said “hi Champ. He pretended that I said “chump”, put up his dukes and swiveled his hips. Thrill of a lifetime!