Game 49, 2016

Dodgers at Mets, 4:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, MLBN (out-of-market only)

The Dodgers’ 19-year-old rookie Julio Urias makes his first MLB start against the Mets’ Jacob deGrom (3-1, 3.07 ERA), who’s hit a bad patch: he’s 0-1 with a 4.63 ERA over his last four starts.

This will be Chase Utley’s first appearance in NYC since he slid into the Mets’ then-shortstop Ruben Tejada during the playoffs last year, a collision which resulted in a broken leg for the infielder. Tejada has since moved on to the Cardinals, but the Mets fans are still there and are expected to be loud in their displeasure toward the Dodgers’ second-baseman.

For those on the road or away from the West Coast, this will be “an MLB Network Showcase game, [which] can be seen free on MLB.TV and will feature MLB Plus —’s data-driven online broadcast that uses Statcast™ and other analytical and broadcast elements to deliver an in-depth discussion about both the action on the field and the big picture.”

Here’s Vinnie reciting the “People Will Come” soliloquy from “Field of Dreams.”

Lineup when available.

53 thoughts on “Game 49, 2016

  1. Did yesterday’s game really happen? What kind of a person would create such a dream/nightmare, dream/nightmare type of game to play with our hearts like that?

    All one needs to know in the end is that the winning pitcher threw 32 pitches and in one inning gave up 4 hits, a walk, and 4 runs. The losing pitcher threw 2 pitches and lost.

    So yes – the dream turned to nightmare for sure.

  2. The thing is, he didn’t get even to the fifth and they were hoping for the sixth. Now it’s a bullpen game in the fourth inning.

    • But do you think you would want Urias in the pen? I think I would be nervous with that.

      • Didn’t mean to suggest that he wouldn’t go back down at some point. What makes you nervous?

        • Control. Command looks good but I would worry about his control in tight spots.

          • His body of work so far doesn’t suggest such a problem. Shouldn’t make so much of his first fling.

          • Well, true but I think his control as he adjusts to major league hitters plays out better as a starter. As a reliever there is smaller margin of error.

          • He overthrew a couple of pitches, but I really didn’t catch the control issues that you are seeing.

          • I was only listening on the radio as I drove back SoCal, but he was not getting ahead of hitters, and was not putting them away when he had two strikes on them.

          • It wasn’t even just the 4 walks in 3 innings. It was missing some spots to allow the Mets to get their bats on it.

            Look, I know (hope, desire) that he will be great. And at times tonight I saw glimpses of that future success. But in the short term I would be worried about his control out of the pen. And – not sure if he will make a good transition from starter to pen anyway.

          • He was nibbling out of respect for the batters rather for his own stuff.

  3. Much smoother inning. What are the chances that the Dodgers score at least 4 runs this game though?

  4. Classic: good/bad/ugly first inning for Urias. Good – 2 k’s, bad – extra base hits and high pitch count, ugly – seeing eye hits and a wild pitch.

  5. Well so much for that. Strike out, caught stealing saved deGrom from a slow start.

  6. Enjoy the party! And marvel at the fact that your daughter is only a year younger than tonight’s starting pitcher.

  7. Always thought of deGrom as a young kid, but at 28, actually a late bloomer.

  8. Thrilled that I might actually be able to take in the first couple of innings of this one here in Portugal!

  9. As much as I love hearing Vin’s version, it is hard to beat James Earl Jones’ original.