Game 43, 2016

Dodgers at Padres, 7:40PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FSSD

Scott Kazmir (3-3, 4.89 ERA) hopes to continue the pitching which got him within an out of a complete game win last time out. He’ll face Christian Friedrich (0-1, 1.50 ERA), who made his Padres debut last week, going six innings and throwing 116 pitches while walking six. He’s a callup from AAA El Paso to replace Andrew Cashner and his balky hamstring.

Dodger manager Dave Roberts says Adrian Gonzalez won’t start but will be able to pinch-hit tonight and get back in the starting lineup tomorrow.

Danger, Will Robinson! Matt Kemp is hitting .317/.371/.463 in 89 plate appearances against the Dodgers.


Pederson sits tonight, presumably because Friedrich is left-handed.

54 thoughts on “Game 43, 2016

  1. I can’t claim that I made the right decision, because I was exhausted, but I’m not sorry I fell asleep early last night.

    • After taking 6 out of 10 from 2015 playoffs teams, we seem to be in a downswing this past week.

  2. Please chose one of the following (whichever is appropriate):

    That was a really tough loss but we will get them tomorrow.


    We win! Jansen gets the save!

    • You scared me. I read the first alternative and thought it had occurred.

      • Uggh. I won’t ever do that again. Sorry friends. That one is on me.

          • I agree. You’re not to blame. Jansen wasn’t going to go the whole season without blowing a save. But it is still a stunning development tonight. At least the Giants and Rockies lost.

  3. If we promise to play a 10 inning game tomorrow, could we not just agree to end the game here and now?

  4. I’m not sure I understand Robert’s strategy around replacing pitchers.

    • Do you think he has a strategy? I think it is a lot of seat of the pants. Is Honeycutt working with him?

  5. Must say about Kazmir. I almost expected something like this after his last game when he threw 120 pitches (or whatever it was). I think he may be still tired from that one.

  6. Kazmir is almost unhittable. Which is sometimes a good thing, sometimes not. 2 hits but 6 walks.

      • So strikes ended up beating balls 56-50, but walks and home runs were the real winners tonight against Kazmir.

  7. All that for one run. Tied at 2 but could have been more if Seager’s smash had gotten through the infield.

  8. Fans getting their monies worth – lots of pitches thrown so far tonight. 134 total pitches with one out in the top of the fourth.

  9. Corey with the double to score the run. Let’s bring him home as well.

    • So true. Lots of game left and the Dodgers play well in SD usually. But not a great start.

    • Intentional walk didn’t even work when it meant facing a guy with .000 batting average.

  10. Almost hard to believe that Kazmir could pitch more like advertised rather than what he pitched for the first month and a bit. So far so good tonight.

  11. Another bases loaded fizzle. Not an inspiring start. But the night is young and hope springs eternal.