Game 42, 2016

Dodgers at Angels, 7:05PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FS-W

Ross Stripling (1-2, 4.26 ERA) goes for the Dodgers against Jhoulys Chacin (1-2, 4.81) of the Angels. Chacin spent six years with the Rockies before the Angels acquired him from the Braves on May 11. He’s thrown 110 2/3 innings against the Dodgers in his career, and several of them have hit him pretty hard. Adrian Gonzalez is the only one with more than 10 ABs against him, though, so small sample sizes must be considered.

Lineup when available.

73 thoughts on “Game 42, 2016

  1. Through 42 games we haven’t seen all three elements of winning baseball (starting pitching, relief pitching and offense) for longer than three games in a row. We may not be as good as we thought we’d be, and certainly not as good as Friedman et. al. thought we’d be. Yes, injuries, but every team has had or will have injuries.

    I’m not feeling good about our chances this year, not with the Giants seeming to play up to the “even year” hype.

    • The Giants are good enough to win the west. The Dodgers? I am hopeful they don’t end under .500.
      I have never been all in on the analytical side of baseball. As an indicator, sure. But not as the sole guide for all things baseball. What sabermetric system says Crawford is the DH, or in an outfield rotation, or plays at all? Same for riding the Puig and Turner trains.
      Something has to be done, but I don’t see that happening. Tough year we are living through. But such is the life of a small market team with limited resources.
      This is looking a little like the Kobe farewell tour. I just hope it doesn’t end with Kershaw leaving.
      Oh, and remind me again why Urias is not ready for prime time? What…too many good pitchers blocking his path?

      • It’s a long season, and the injury-free Gnats are playing far over their heads. The injury-plagued Dodgers are in a stretch of 20 games in 20 days, and still trail by only a small margin. They are due to get big bats back in Ethier and SVS, and pitching depth from Ryu and McCarthy. And whatever problems the Dodgers may have, they do not stem from unwillingness to spend money. They also have a deep farm system – rebuilt by the current FO – with many young and talented players on the cusp of contributing. Several of them are potential stars.

      • I can understand that you have not taken to the analytical side of baseball, but what does sabremetrics have to do with mediocre players and slumping performers?

  2. Dodgers spinning their wheels at 21-21. Wonder what the next quarter of the season will bring? Or even the next week…

  3. As of 5 minutes ago – everyone in the AL West was 5-5 over the last 10. The Angels may change that in a few minutes.

  4. In Anna Karenina, Tolstoy wrote: “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”
    With all due respect to great literature, when I think of that statement, I think of the Dodgers.

  5. Watch. Next the Padres will come to life. I’m ready for one of those big winning streaks, aren’t you guys?

    • The Pads have lost 4 in a row and 6 of 10. They might wake up at the wrong time.

  6. I am trying real hard not be sarcastic about our team. Not sure if I will be successful.

  7. Starting on Monday of this week the Dodgers’ schedule had them playing 10 straight games against last-place teams: the Angels for four, the Padres for three and the Reds for three. I was hoping for seven or eight wins. Looks real unlikely now.

    • Yeah. Soon the rumours will switch from Trout to the Dodgers over to Kershaw to the Angel’s.

  8. I nodded off for a bit with hopes that when I rejoined the game it would be going better.
    It is not.

  9. Oh, Hatcher. You must be having a rough time replaying these games in your mind at night. I know I do.

  10. Too many lost puppies on the Dodgers offense theses days. And pitching as well.

    • I was so excited about him joining the team last year but he has been wobbly seemingly more often than not.

  11. I actually don’t mind the walk to Trout. But have to dial in on Pujols now.

  12. No one can say that Vin is a homer when it comes to announcing. He seems to gush over many different opposition players. Noticed again when he called Trout’s homerun.

    • To be clear, I’m not complaining. I think Vin appeals to my better nature to appreciate worthy foes more than I might normally do.

  13. Question: Does this seem like a team that will go 70-50 over the last 120 games of the season? That’s what it will take to get to 90+ wins.

    • Not at the moment, no. But we could get hot all at once. I mean, it has happened. Before. Once or twice.

      • Need better pitching. Hopefully Ryu, Anderson and McCarthy can give us more than we’ve been getting at the back end of the rotation.

        • I did project the Dodgers to be right around 40 wins for the first half and close to 50 for the second half. But it does make for a harder time to start.

    • Would mean that they need to win 6 out of 10 instead of 5 out of 10 going forward.

  14. Okay. We may have more of a game tonight. Dodgers up 3-1 after Kendrick’s 2 run triple.