Game 41, 2016

Dodgers at Angels, 7:05PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FS-W

The Dodgers’ Mike Bolsinger makes his season debut tonight. He’d been sidelined with a strained oblique muscle since Spring Training and has made two starts for AAA Oklahoma City, with no decisions and a 2.25 ERA. The Dodgers say they’ll have him on a pitch count of about 80. His Angels’ counterpart will be Nick Tropeano (1-2, 3.68 ERA). Tropeano’s a puzzle: he’s allowed fewer than two runs in five of his seven starts but hasn’t gotten past 5 2/3 innings in any of them.

Lineup when available.

35 thoughts on “Game 41, 2016

  1. I only saw the top of the first and, to judge from the box score, I didn’t miss anything by falling asleep almost immediately.

    • Did not see the game, actually I never see the games. I do not have Time Warner. But seeing the lineup with Hendricks at cleanup and CC as the DH, recipe for disaster. We would do better with the pitcher as DH.

  2. Although he is more versatile than Culberson, perhaps Hernandez, who is now 1-for-23 in May, should have been sent to Oklahoma City to try to regain his stroke.

    • I have been following the game from afar on Gameday. What have been the Roberts blunders?

      • Pulling Bolsinger. Not pulling Coleman. Sending Hernandez to PH for Utley. I think he may be thrown by the AL rules.

        • RBI: I see your points. Roberts seems not to have learned yet when to yank a pitcher and when not to. And pinch-hitting Hernandez for Utley (the former is batting about 90 points less that the latter) is bizarre, regardless of what arm the opposing pitcher uses. Thanks.

  3. We deserve to be 2 1/2 back of the Gnats. Not playing well at all right now.

  4. Five of the nine players in the Dodgers lineup now are hitting below .235.

  5. Just checked in and wow. From the comments Bolsinger apparently did well and the bullpen not so much. Heading to sleep?

  6. The problem with the Dodgers bullpen is that, with the exception of Jansen and (thus far) Liberatore, any reliever can implode at any time. Each is a potential time bomb. Once again, as in the past couple of years, there is little consistency with the pen, little dependability. Couple that with the club’s difficulty in scoring many runs and you have a formula for a mediocre club, which I think we are now.

  7. Bolsinger left the game with an era of 2.08. Now it is 6.23.
    That’s it for me tonight. Roberts pulled Bolsinger way too early and it cost the Dodgers.

  8. The worst. Coleman walks Pujols on 4 pitches. Need a ground ball here for sure.

    • Coleman has thrown 8 straight out of the strike zone. Good thing Cron swung at 2 of them.

  9. Wow. Talk about a quick hook. Roberts pulls Bolsinger with 2 on 1 out in the 5th – at only 69 pitches. I thought he might go another 12 pitches or so – which could have gotten him out of the jam and finish off the inning.

  10. Wow. Way to get out of the lead off double jam without giving up any runs Bolsinger. Especially getting the last 2 batters to pop up and only take 3 pitches to do it.

  11. If Utley had not struck out – there would be have been a line of 1’s in the AB column and then a whole bunch of zeros in the rest of the box score.

  12. Bols not doing too badly. Only the one blast to Trout – no shame in that. And then singles to Trout and Pujols the next time around which is minimal damage all things considered.

  13. If CC is our DH then clearly we are an NL team and are not built for AL living.

  14. It will be interesting to see how Bolsinger does tonight. Will he be early 2015 Bolsinger or will he be late 2015 Boldinger?

  15. I’m gonna start watching this one from bed, if at all. It’s been a long day. The iPhone tells me I walked 11.47 miles worth of city streets today.

  16. Have endured almost a week without seeing the Dodgers live (other than the Grandal K) here in Italy. Don’t know how the folks in LA can take this. I should be able to catch next Sunday’s game against the Pads.