Game 40, 2016

Angels at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FS-W

Clayton Kershaw (5-1, 1.74 ERA) makes the 251st start of his career (he also has two relief appearances; I didn’t remember that) on a roll. He’s struck out more than ten batters and walked no more than one in each of his last five games. His K/BB ratio is a ridiculous 19.25 for the season. He’ll face Jered Weaver (3-2, 6.10 ERA), whose last start climbed the heights and sank to the depths in just four innings. He got the first 11 hitters in order and then put 9 of the next 10 on base, giving up 8 runs on 9 hits and losing the game.


Hmm. Whoever plays first base also hits cleanup? Trace Thompson has a hot hand, so it’s good to see him in the lineup again tonight.

31 thoughts on “Game 40, 2016

  1. 3rd place?! Wow, I woke up this morning, watched some of the highlights and then looked at the standings. I was stunned to see the team in 3rd place behind both SF and Colorado. That takes a bit of the joy out of last night’s win.

    Although, I’m realizing they must have been in third after the loss from the night before and I didn’t even know it.

  2. When I first saw Seager’s homer, I thought it might have reached the second deck – a very difficult feat in Dodger Stadium. I do recall Frank Howard hitting one off Whitey Ford into the second deck in left, though.

  3. Man, multi-homer games from Seager, Thompson and Pederson in the last three days. Maybe it’ll light a fire under Puig’s bat too.

  4. I wish that every game was Kershaw for 8, hands it to Jansen for 1.

  5. Corey and Trayce: “Oh sure, when Joc hits 2 home runs we win.” (yes, I know the game is not over yet. I’m projecting a future conversation. At my own risk and peril.)

  6. Seager! Man I wish I was following this game closer. It has been a fun one so far.

  7. Kershaw better hurry and get his 10 strikeouts. His pitch count is at 84 through 6.

  8. Kershaw half way to another 10 k’s – but also given up 4 hits through 4.

  9. It’s after midnight here, so I’ll probably watch another inning or two in bed before I crash.

  10. Just got home from dinner at La Mar Cebichería in Buenos Aires. I’ve been to other branches in SF and Santiago de Chile, but the menu here is very different. The pisco sour came with coca leaves.

  11. So. I don’t know what to think of the team through almost 1/4 of the season. Feels like they could/should be better than 1 game above .500 and 3 games under at home. Mostly, I think they should be better than the Giants. 😉

  12. I recall reading that Roberts had planned to run Grandal out there as catcher 5 games in a row. However, after last night’s game (in particular his very weak at bats) I guess he figured Kershaw and Ellis would be an alright battery combo. (Can’t find the link but it was in the LA Times on May 13th according to Bleacher Report.)