Game 29, 2016

Dodgers at Blue Jays, 4:07PM PT, TV: SPNLA

Kenta Maeda (3-1, 1.41 ERA) goes to Canada for presumably the first time in his life and the poor guy has to work. He’ll pitch tonight against Marcus Stroman (4-0, 3.77 ERA). Maeda had an extra two days of rest thanks to the oddities of the schedule and all the Jays’ right-handed bats. It was decided he matched up better against the Canadian team than against the Rays.

Roberts says Kendrick will DH today and Gonzalez will fulfill those duties tomorrow.

The Dodgers have a center fielder named Logan Landon playing for the low-A Great Lakes Loons, and yesterday he did this:

Lineup when available.

49 thoughts on “Game 29, 2016

  1. I wonder whether those of us on Hawaiian time have failed to realize this is an afternoon game that starts in about 15 minutes (2:07 p.m. Buenos Aires time).

  2. We played well, which makes this even more frustrating. Two bad pitches, with their men on.

    • Not really. Except for one inning, the offense continued to fizzle. Maeda pitched well, though, and Joc appeared to learn from his first two ABs.

  3. I know our RISP numbers are better than we think, but it sure FEELS like we miss three or four scoring chances every game.

  4. Phooey. Not sure that walk was a good idea, with Pilar hitting in the 400s. Hindsight.

  5. Maeda’s thrown lots more pitches than Stroman and, when you throw that many, you’ll eventually make a mistake.

  6. Incredible throw by Puig to get Barney on what looked to be an easy double. He missed the cutoff, though.

  7. Would like to see us put up at least a 6-spot. We’ve scored more than 5 runs only twice in the last 17 games.