Game 5, 2016

Dodgers at Giants, 7:15PM PT, TV: SPNLA, NBC-BA

Ross Stripling makes his debut against the most bitter rival the Dodgers have in the rival’s home park. Welcome to the big leagues, kid! He’ll face Matt Cain, who’s fallen from previous stardom due to elbow and forearm injuries to the #5 starter’s spot in the Giants’ rotation (which is still better than Tim Lincecum, who hasn’t thrown a pitch since June of last year and is now a free agent, rehabbing from hip surgery).

Puig and Gonzalez have eight and seven hits respectively for the Dodgers in this young season; Seager and Utley have six, Pederson has five. The pitching’s been excellent until Thursday, when not only Wood but the bullpen (saving Louis Coleman, who threw 1 1/3 innings of hitless ball) failed, Wood after four good innings.

Lineup when available.

Carl Crawford gets a day off for the second day in a row.

46 thoughts on “Game 5, 2016

  1. Friends – I am sorry to have missed last night’s Shakespeareian tragedy. I was out of town on a mini-work trip (Brandon, Manitoba, Canada is a beautiful small prairie town).

    When I saw the outcome I thought: Baseball! It is designed to break your heart over and over again. Although, to be honest, even after that wonderful/frustrating game I still feel strangely confident about this team.

    Here’s to splitting the series with Kershaw and Kazmir leading the charge.

  2. Hatcher and Blanton aren’t in midseason form yet either, it appears. I hope the two dingers aren’t precursors of things to come with those guys.

  3. I had a houseguest and had to go to a restaurant with friends. I would’ve doubled the number of comments if I’d been home. Goodness, this looks to be a crazy year already! Stripling! Wow! Bullpen! Geeze!

  4. Our rookie pitcher has a no-hitter for 7 1/3 innings and there are fewer than 30 comments? Spring training is over, people, and the regular season has begun! 😉

    • I think its 2 things holding down the number of comments. First, the reality that this team is no better than last year top to bottom, perhaps even worse. And second, three years with no TV. It affects your ability to follow the team, while also perhaps losing a generation of fans along the way.

      • Out-of-towner, so don’t have an issue on seeing the games. What a devestating situation for you all. I would have gone nuts by now.

        • Actually at first that was the case. But now, years later, I am not planning my life around what time the game is on TV. Meaning I found there is a whole other life out there.
          Think of the new generation of potential fans who are not watching. A huge loss for baseball.

  5. Roberts has made two significant pitching decisions in the first two games with the Giants. And both have boomeranged. (Sorry, Aussie John, if I have misused the term.)

  6. Sitting in a cabin near Lexington,VA and enjoying what I am able to read about the game (hopefully this hasn’t been overtaken by events since I was last able to see the no score).

  7. You know the famous story that Pee Wee Reese put his arm around Jackie Robinson’s shoulders in Cincinnati in Jackie’s first year? It never really happened. Ken Burns found no evidence of it in any newspaper articles, not in the white or black papers, nor in Jackie’s autobiography.

    • It shouldn’t be that hard to track down somebody who was there or has insider knowledge. Did anybody ask Rachel Robinson?

    • I think most of us would agree with that. CC is now a niche player, while SVS offers more pop and much better defense.

    • Likely to see relatively more of CC that SVS, at least while he is healthy and Dre not, given the preponderance of right handed throwers in the Bigs with Thompson offering late inning defensive relief.

  8. Gnatt Cain is a sub-.500 career pitcher, and has an even poorer record v. the Dodgers.