Game 4, 2016

Dodgers at Giants, 1:35PM PT, TV: SPNLA, CSN-BA

Alex Wood makes his 2016 debut for the Dodgers and Jake Peavy does the same for the Giants.

The projected starting eight for the Dodgers is a combined 8-for-66 against Peavy. Time for a change!

40 thoughts on “Game 4, 2016

  1. My Swedish cousin was hanging around The Phone Booth this afternoon, and snapped this shot from outside the RF fence.

      • Highly unlikely I’ll ever go back. Overrated and unpleasant atmosphere. Candlestick was much better.

      • The one good thing about an otherwise overrated facility – the chain link fence in RF gives you a knothole-gang glimpse of the game.

        • I recall the chain link that was using in the Stick in the outfield. This is some sort of hommage?

          • That was in Candlestick’s early years, before it was enclosed. The Phone Booth has a walkway behind the RF fence and the Bay, so that passersby can catch a glimpse. It’s really just a cutout in the wall.

            If they really wanted a tribute to the ‘Stick, they’d install wind and fog machines.

  2. Wait. I went for (an early) dinner at it was 4-3. And now – Yikes!
    Well, it really is about wins and losses and not relatively obscure records. And all this should amount to is one loss.

      • Yes, but he had gotten crushed in the 5th and the bullpen was virtually completely fresh. Wood has seldom demonstrated he can go very far.

        • I suppose. If I’m the manager and it’s the guy’s first outing of the season I might give him a shot thinking the 5th might have been an aberration.

  3. Rain delay in DC and they are showing Dodger game on the big screen. Nice to see the combination of crooked numbers and goose eggs

  4. Looking back at great starts by the Dodgers, two come to mind in L.A. There may be others.
    1974: The Dodgers opened by beating the Padres, 8-0, 8-0 and 9-2 at Dodger Stadium.
    1978: The Dodgers started the season by beating the Braves 13-4, 6-2, and 7-4 in Atlanta.
    In both seasons the Dodgers won the pennant.
    The best start ever by the Dodgers or by any team in MLB history — through 24 games — was in 1955, when they were still in Brooklyn.
    The Dodgers won their first 10 games, lost two of three, and then won 11 more in a row to stand at 22-2. (Other teams have started the season with more than 10 straight wins but didn’t reach 22-2).
    Brooklyn won its only World Series championship in 1955. It was my first year as a Dodgers fan. I was a 7-year-old living in Brooklyn. We moved to L.A. during the season.

  5. A radio station here has decided to join the Dodgers’ radio network, so now I can listen to Steiner and Monday while in the back room where the computer is.

    Until now I had to go out to the kitchen to get the TV and SPNLA, because my bedroom TV is analog, not digital, and the Dodgers’ channel isn’t in the basic analog package.

  6. Most consecutive scoreless innings by a team at the start of a season was 1963 by the Cardinals. The total was 32. After they shut out the Mets three straight times to start the season, the Cardinals held the Phillies hitless for five innings in their fourth game.